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NEFA 21624



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A fiction film produced by members of the Cleveland Cine Club that uses both live action and animation to tell its tale. The film begins with a man driving at speed through the streets of Middlesbrough where he is stopped and booked by a policeman for careless driving. Arriving him he falls asleep and dreams of accidently running over his own daughter. The film ends with him waking and realising the error of his ways.

Title: Crash Course

The film opens with views of traffic heading south, down Albert Road in Middlesbrough. On the opposite side of the road a dark coloured Morris 1100 is parked. A man comes out of the premises of the ‘Sun Alliance and London Insurance Group’ and gets into the car.
He moves off heading south towards the junction of Albert Road and Corporation Road. The film cuts to a phantom car ride. A brief shot shows the driver heading down a road, which then cuts to him heading north up Linthorpe Road to the junction with Borough Road. The ABC cinemas is to the driver’s left and the current programme is the James Stewart western ‘Firecreek’. A brief shot follows of the driver changing gear as he continues north along Linthorpe Road, past Dormand Stewarts outfitters, turning right at Corporation Road, and passing Burton’s corner site.

A low angle shot of the driver appears to show him speaking or singing to himself. Cut to a travelling shot as he heads east down Corporation Road. Next he approaches the pedestrian crossing near Victoria Square just at the junction of Albert Road and Russell Street. He stops to allow pedestrians to cross, in the distance the clock tower of the Middlesbrough High school building. A brief shot of the driver’s face, which then cuts to a travelling shot as he continues south down Albert Road. He turns right at the junction with Borough Road. He passes terraced housing and a school road sign. On another road he passes the shops of A Pearce and a branch of Upton’s.

The film cuts to a travelling shot down Marton Road (?). Then a cut to an external shot in King Edward’s Road near the former Middlesbrough High School building and Constantine College, cars parked either side of the road.

The Morris 1100 approaches the camera and signals, the driver attempts to turn into a one way street as indicated by a no entry sign. However a policeman on foot patrol walks into the road and stops him. The policeman approaches the car and speaks to the driver, who remains in his car. The policeman gets out a notebook, and takes down details as the driver speaks. The policeman then guides the driver as he reverses out of the one-way street, into the King Edward’s Road and sends him on his way towards Linthorpe Road. A brief low angle in car shot follows of the driver.

The film cuts to a travelling shot from the car heading east along the A172, Longlands Road, past a petrol station and a speed limit sign for 40 miles an hour. Another sign reads dual carriageway ahead, a brief glimpse in the distance of the Majestic Cinema. Another cut this time to a suburban street, and an external shot as the driver parks his car in his driveway. He gets out of the car and walks towards the camera. Inside the house he enters a living room and sits down in an armchair and rests his head on the back of the chair. A young girl, his daughter, enters the room arriving home from school, carrying a satchel. She takes some items out of the satchel, amongst them is a copy of the Highway Code. He picks it up and starts browsing through it. Eventually his eyes get heavy and he falls asleep. His hand which is holding the book falls by the side of the chair, and he drops the book on the floor.
There then follows an animated section. A triangular road sign appears on screen with what appears to be a broad black line with a bend in it, similar to the ‘bend in road’ traffic sign. A black animated arm and hand appear at the bottom of the screen, reaches up and grabs the black shape and throws it out of the triangle like a boomerang. It flies across the frame and joins two other similar shapes, which form themselves into a circle, eventually forming the familiar ‘roundabout’ warning sign. The sign changes to the sign warning of an uneven road. A woman’s head appears from behind the black diagram used for defining an uneven road surface, and a small car diagram in red travels over the black diagram.

The sign changes again to that of a round red disc with a letterbox shape in the centre, which is the sign for ‘no entry’. An outline of a car appears and the letterbox feature changes to the words ‘No Entry’, then teeth appear as the car approaches the letterbox, the car enters the letterbox as if being eaten.

Next a triangular warning sign appears for roadworks. The familiar figure in the sign, now animated, shovels material over his shoulder, which becomes a huge mound. The mound changes into the triangular warning sign for falling rocks or debris.

The next change is a triangular sign for crossroads, which changes into an overhead view of a road junction with animated coloured spots travelling along the road. The dots cross at the junction. Then the black cross road sign turns into a black grid which becomes an animated game of noughts and crosses, which in turn transforms into the sign ‘No Stopping’.

A triangular sign appears on screen and from its base, a car skidding and leaving tyre marks moves into the blank space. This is the warning sign for a slippery road, and in an animated sequence the car rolls off the road.

A brief shot follows of the model of a building, sited next to a road junction. Next an animated diagram of pedestrian crossing appears of the pelican type. The diagram shows that the red man is lit and the camera zooms in on the red man. The stylised figure of the red man appears at the pedestrian crossing in the model seen earlier. Other figures in red join him on the pavement. The camera goes back to the pelican crossing green figure, and that in turn appears on the model. The outline figures then cross the road.

The film then cuts to the sign which uses outline figures of two children, which is the warning sign for a school. The figures become animations and they are shown walking hand in hand across a large white space. An animated model of a removal van heads towards the children, and knocks the girl figure down. In close up the animated figure is shown across the front of the removal van, a terrified expression on her face.

The film cuts back to the driver’s daughter in the living room seen earlier, and she cries out ‘Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!’

Her father wakes up suddenly, and looks for the Highway Code he’s just been reading, and proceeds to scrutinise it more intently. An over the shoulder shot shows him studying diagrams of driver hand signals.

Title: The End

Title: A Cleveland Cine Club Production