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NEFA 22106



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Compilation of amateur films by Raymond James Paiton consisting of footage of a visit to Cragside house, near Rothbury in Northumberland with his wife Molly followed by events on Newcastle Town Moor including a performance of synchronised gymnastics, a display of military aircraft, the star attraction an Avro Lancaster heavy bomber, and the annual Hoppings fair. It concludes with family beach scenes on the coast, possibly to Cresswell in Northumberland.

The film opens on a view of Cragside house near Rothbury, Northumberland and a woman walking through the garden looking at the colourful rhododendron blossom. A West Highland Terrier follows her as she walks along a path. A young man looks at the blossoms. Portrait shot of the couple together.

A barrage balloon floats in the sky. An event takes place, probably on the Town Moor, Newcastle upon Tyne, featuring young women performing synchronised exercise routines, and an RAF brass band performing for a small crowd, the wings of an Avro Lancaster heavy bomber in the background. An airplane flies overhead. A general view follows of crowds looking at the Avro Lancaster, registration number PB135. Back at the showground, a group of young men march onto the field and perform a display of gymnastics for spectators. People queue to see inside the Avro Lancaster bomber.

At the Town Moor Hoppings the crowds are enjoying various fairground rides including a big-wheel, a carousel, swing boat and swing chair ride. A boy slides down a helter skelter. A sideshow strong man ties a sack over a person's head, part of a show? More shots of the swing boat and a children’s train ride follow.

A group of friends, two young women and a young man, are seated on a beach, chatting. A woman and small boy pose outside a cottage with a kid or young goat, the name about the door reading Pele Cottage . Two women, a man and a boy in bathing costumes splash around in the sea. Nearby, a man relaxes in an inflatable rubber dinghy bobbing around in the water. Next, the man rocks the dinghy whilst one of the young women sits in it. The second woman climbs into the dinghy.

Standing on the shoreline a woman stares out to sea. She then helps two boys and a girl build a sandcastle.

Portrait shot of a man smoking and smiling at the camera ends the film.