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NEFA 21879



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A home movie showing a family taking a trip by car into the County Durham countryside around High Force waterfall. The family are then filmed in Northumberland visiting Cragside and Bamburgh before finishing in Seahouses watching the fishing boats being unloaded.

The film opens on a cluster of stone houses and other buildings next to a stream. A group of people take time to explore the area near the stone buildings.

A Ford Prefect makes it's way around country roads and approaches a ford flowing across the road.

The film then cuts to an exterior of a thatched cottage with roses growing around the doorway.

Back to the Ford Prefect which appears again travelling along a rough road towards the camera.

General views follow of a moorland landscape. 

High Force waterfall in County Durham is shown in full flow followed by views of the pools and river at the foot of the falls.

The film changes to Northumberland as a car travels past rhododendron bushes at Cragside [quite dark].

General views show Cragside house and the gardens in front of the main facade. The house is pre-National Trust at this time, the film explores some of its outbuildings.

Film cuts to a group of people coming through some bushes, followed by views of another castle in Northumberland or Durham, possibly Lambton Castle. A group of people walk across the castle grounds towards the camera carrying shotguns, possibly members of a game shooting party.

From a distance a view of Bamburgh Castle followed by a picnic out in open country. They feed tit-bits to the family dog.

The film comes to a close on a wooden boat or coble possibly at Seahouses. General views show fishing boats in and around the harbour. Fishermen unloading their catch with a hoist onto the quayside before being loaded onto trucks to be transported away.