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YFA 3099



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Made by Betty and Cyril Ramsden, this film captures the couple and their friends in and around Cracoe at Whitsun. The couple were semi-professional filmmakers filming both for pleasure and taking on commissions from companies such as the Yorkshire Evening Post.

Title-A Ramsden Production

Title-Whitsuntide 1945


The film opens with Betty and some friends leaving a country pub. They walk up a stone path into fields, across a field with sheep, and up a hill to Cracoe War Monument.

There is a brief shot of a man leaning out of a window and smiling at the camera.

Three dogs play in a garden, and in the next shot, one of the women is lying on the grass in the sun, petting one of the dogs.

The same woman wrestles with one of the men that also is sitting on the grass. They both laugh about it.

Shot of Betty in the middle of a small country road taking photos of the camera. Then two couples walk away from the camera and down a country road.


There are shots of trees beside some water followed by a stone house beside the trees.

Cyril comes out of a pub with a tray of beers and hands them around to the people sitting on benches.


The group walks down a country road and across a stone bridge. A car drives in the shallow water by the bridge.


A crowd has gathered outside in a farm yard where there is an auction of household items.

Betty and the group are waiting at a bus stop on a country road.


Shots of a Betty on a village street walking towards the camera.


A woman feeds ducks in a field, and a train is visible going cross country.

Cyril and the group sit outside the `Angel Inn' and are joined by some other people. One of the men brings out a tray of drinks.

Title-Summer fell on a Thursday!

The group are lying out on the grass in the sun. One of the men takes off his top and lies down, and two of the women are wearing bathing suits, one of which is a two-piece.


A brief shot of Betty and another man walking down a country lane. Then there is a shot of the women leaving a building and walking off. Two of the women climb over a stile, and the final shot is of the group walking down lanes and climbing over fences.

Title-The End.

Title-Newburgh v Tollerton

Men put on their cricket gear and walk out onto the pitch. The match begins.

There are people sitting around watching the game and eating. A young boy is in charge of the scoreboard. An older man in old clothes goes around collecting money from the spectators.

Title-The End.