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YFA 1147



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This film is in two parts.  The first part is of a protest rally outside Leeds Town Hall organised by the CPEA (Catholic Parents' and Electors' Association) against certain aspects of the Education Act of 1944 – the Agreed Syllabus and restricted state aid.  The second part is of a visit to Leeds of Cardinal Griffin in 1947.

Title – CPEA:  Hands off our schools!

The film begins showing the clock tower of Leeds Town Hall, and then a crowd gathered at the front of the town hall.  At the top of the steps there is a platform and speakers.  The film switches to show a procession led by a priest.  He is followed by children and a marching band. The long procession is coming around a corner on a cobbled road with tramlines.  They pass the shops of Allan and Geo Angus, and one selling car parts.  They carry banners reading ‘100% Justice Mr Butler’ and ‘100% Justice for Catholic Schools’.  The procession arrives at the town hall and they all walk up the steps, followed by officials walking between lines of uniformed men and women.  There are more placards declaring, ‘Equal rates equal rights’ and ‘Fair play for Catholic schools’.  The cardinal speaks to the large assembled crowd, followed by other speakers.  The film shows many of those in the crowd, and a banner having a quote from the Minister of Education, Rab Butler ‘“I have not been able to concede the full demand of those who desire complete liberty of conscience” - Mr Butler.’  Afterwards the crowd disperses.

After a brief break the second part of the film begins:

Title – CPEA: 1947 His Eminence Cardinal Griffin visits Leeds. -Were YOU there?

The Cardinal is shown arriving at Leeds Railway Station, being greeted by dignitaries.  He stands with others in front of their car for the photographers.  As they drive off in a procession crowds line the road waving.  At the front of the procession there is a marching brass band and children.  The Cardinal arrives in an open top car at Leeds Town Hall where he is greeted by the Mayor.  He makes a speech at the top of the steps.  The film shows many of those stood watching.  The Cardinal then performs an outdoors service in the grounds of Kirkstall Abbey in front of a large congregation.   Some of those in attendance are seen relaxing as the film comes to an end.