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YFA 347



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This is a film made by Charles Chislett chronicling a group of city girls having a week holiday in Slaidburn, Lancashire.

Titles: 'A CPAS Production' 'Photography and Editing By Charles J. Chislett ARPS' 'The Village Of Slaidburn Lies In A Wooded Valley Amongst The Fells Of The East Yorkshire Pennines'

The film opens with the fields around Slaidburn, overlooking the village, followed by some bathers by the river.

Intertitle: 'The Village Has a Charm of its Own'
The quiet streets around the village centre are seen with a couple of girls walking up a street. A car passes by.

Intertitle: 'There Has a Been a Church at Slaidburn For 1000 Years'
The outside of the church is shown with chickens and sheep in the foreground.

Intertitle: 'The CPAS Camp is Housed in The 18th Century School'
A brief look at the school.

Intertitle: 'The Schoolyard Proves Very Useful for Games in Wet Weather'
In a schoolyard, three lines of girls are playing a game conducted by a teacher. The game involves passing a ball over their heads to the girl behind until the last one runs with it to the front and throws it along the ground down the line between the girls' legs. They then play another game which starts with a skipping rope. There are two rows of girls with a girl throwing a ball to each line from the front. As the first girl catches the ball, she sits down, and the ball goes to the girl behind.

Intertitle: 'Who Said Ice-Cream?'
The girls form into a long line in the playground, and the teacher joins the line before they break up and run off down a lane with several of the girls arm-in-arm. When they arrive at a house the woman at the door, presumably, asks 'who wants ice-cream?', and all hands go up. They form a queue and are given ice creams and wafers. Sitting along the wall, the girls eat their ice creams wave to the camera. They then wander off down the lane, and a group of them pose in front of the camera still eating their ice-creams.

Intertitle: 'The River is a Great Attraction'
The girls make their way through the village down to the river by the bridge. Here, hitching up their skirts, they paddle in the shallow water while the teacher keeps an eye out from the bridge. They then fill up glasses with water from the river and hold them up for the camera. Sheep can be seen grazing in the fields nearby.

The film then switches to a field where farm labourers are loading hay onto a cart being pulled by a tractor. A small child also joins in.

Back to the bridge over the river, and from there two girls go off to fetch some milk and play with a dog whilst waiting. As they return with the milk some of the locals are seen by their houses, posing for the camera.

Intertitle: 'On the Last Saturday of the Holiday this Party has a Fancy-Dress Parade'
The girls emerge from a house in fancy dress and parade through the street.

Intertitle: 'Prizewinners: all their Own Work!' The winners stand in a line posing for the camera.

Intertitle: 'Sunday Morning and Evening the Children Join in Worship in the Beautiful Old Church - Next Door'
The girls make their way to the church and are followed by the vicar. Some of the stained glass windows are shown followed by the church tower with the congregation leaving. The film then switches to one of the girls holding an injured bird in her hand which she then places in a straw filled box.

Intertitle: 'Sunday Afternoon Walk'
The girls gather excitedly in the school yard, walk through the village, watched by a dog, into a field (Duckmire Field), and down by a stream. In the field they pass geese and cows. By a road with a brown truck, one of the girls poses for the camera holding a kitten. They then stop to look at some flowers by the roadside and at a cow over a wall.

Intertitle: 'A Helper Who Has to Leave Camp Early Receives a Send-Off'
A group of girls, standing on a street corner, wave as a bus goes flashing by.

Intertitle: 'Slaidburn Streets often Look Empty'
A couple of cyclists meander down a quiet village street.

Intertitle: 'With Your Help they can be Peopled with Children from these Other Streets for Whom The Country is only a Dream - if that'
The film switches to show some city back streets before returning back to the girls paddling in the river.

Intertitle: 'Will you help?'
A large stained glass window from the church is shown depicting the nativity.

'The End'