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YFA 3133



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Made by Leeds-based filmmakers Betty and Cyril Ramsden, this film features the Coxwold Gymkhana and Fair in 1951.  The film also includes footage of a motorcycle race and cricket match as well as footage of one of the filmmakers, Betty Ramsden.

Title – Coxwold Fair

The film opens with the sign for the Fauconberg Arms pub followed by people queuing at stalls on the side of a street.  Here women, including Betty Ramsden, are playing a game of darts.  One of the darts games involves trying to hit playing cards with the dart, and the winners can receive cuddly toy prizes.  Children and others are looking on. The End

Title Coxwold Gymkhana 1951

In a large field, there is an area lined by cars where a gymkhana is taking place.  The Gymkhana includes a show jumping competition, and the riders are dressed in smart horse riding attire.  At a refreshment tent, people are having drinks, and Betty Ramsden serves bottled beer.  Some more show jumping is followed by a motorcycle race across the fields.  This portion of the film closes with one of the riders wiping his eyes.  The End.

Title – Newburgh v Tollerton

This segment of the film opens on a field where players from two village cricket teams get ready for a match.  The fielding team walk onto the pitch, somewhat casually dressed, and are followed by the two batsmen.  The film shows some of the play, and a boy changing the score card.  During the interval, spectators sit on the grassy side eating sandwiches while a man, possibly the famer, passes among them collecting money.  In a car a woman keeps score.  The teams stroll back out for the next innings before the film comes to an end.  The End.