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A commercial travelogue presented by Royal Sutcliffe in which a couple travel by train to Yorkshire to explore the county. They begin their journey in York before visiting Harrogate, Fountains Abbey, Ripley, Byland and Rievaulx abbeys and Helmseley where they watch a woman weave on a loom. They travel onto the coast visiting Staithes, Whitby, Robin Hoods Bay and Scarborough before visiting Lord Derwent's Estate on the outskirts of Hackness. The final part shows views of Filey, Bempton Cliffs where men collect eggs, Flamborough and Bridlington where the film ends.

Title: The County of the White Rose

Title: By dale, moor and coast

Credit: Presented by Royal Sutcliffe F.R.G.S.

Title: Modern travel is swift and comfortable

The film begins on a railway station with passengers walking up and down a platform beside a waiting train. A couple climb aboard and close the carriage door. The train leaves the station and there are general views of the train travelling through the countryside.

In the dining car, a waiter serves a meal to the couple who consume it eagerly. Outside, the train passes from a rural to an urban setting before coming into York Railway Station.

The film cuts to a map of England and Wales showing the county of Yorkshire. A closer view of Yorkshire is followed by dots appears and an arrow pointing out various locations; York, Harrogate, Ripon, Fountains Abbey, Ripley, Coxwold, Byland Abbey, Hemsley and finally Rievaulx Abbey.

Behind the next inter-title a view of York Minster.

Title: York. Whose famous Minster remains one of the world’s most magnificent buildings

An aerial photograph of the minster cuts to a view of the building with the Roman Wall in the foreground. General views showing the exterior of the minster.  

Title: is still enclosed by Roman walls and gates

The couple walk along York city wall looking toward York Minster in the distance. A tram turns in Station Road towards the railway station.

Traffic and cyclists come through the gate at High Petersgate followed by visitors walking along one of the cities many narrow streets leading toward the minster. The woman appears in a window from one of these buildings.

Title: Citadel and multiangular tower

General view follows of York city wall cutting to a view of the exterior of Clifford’s Tower. Standing outside looking up at the building are the couple. The film cuts to show the couple looking around the base of Roman wall.

Title: and the beautiful remains of St Mary’s Abbey in the museum grounds.

Children run around and play on the grass in front of the ruins on St Mary’s Abbey. The film cuts to show a closer view of the ruin.

Title: Too short a stay among so many treasures – but – off to Harrogate and the healing springs

Viewed from a railway carriage a train pulls into Harrogate railway station. The film cuts to show the couple leaving the station.

Title: Early morning at the famous pump room

Pedestrians walk along the pavement outside the Royal Pump Room in Harrogate. The film cuts to show the couple walking inside followed by the woman offering her husband a glass of water from a spring nearby. He takes a sip.
A stone plinth above a doorway reads ‘Royal Pump Room and Sulphur Well’.

The husband offers the glass back to his wife who takes a sip.

The film cuts to show exterior views of the pump room with people sitting in chairs under awning drinking the spring water.

Title: To sit or stroll sipping the warm mineral waters – is the usual preparation for a hearty breakfast

Another view of the exterior of the pump room with the couple walking away. The film cuts to a building inside a park and people walking around. Sitting on the edge of a pond sit the couple drinking.

Title: Further north – Fountains Abbey stands glorious in the beauty – a perfect example of a Cistercian ruins

General views follow of Fountains Abbey and cellarium with people, including the couple, walking around.

Title: The old stocks at Ripley still hold a restraining influence

Sitting on the steps of the village’s market cross, the couple have their legs in the stocks. The woman fakes tears as her husband comforts her.

Title: Where time stands still – Coxwold and Byland Abbey nearby

The couple walk through a church gate. The film cuts to a man pushing a bicycle past houses built along Thirsk Bank. The film cuts to show a farmer leading three cows towards the ruins of Byland Abbey. General views of the ruins featuring the woman looking around.

Title: Now to picturesque Helmseley, the centre of Yorkshire, where skilful hands ply the looms

A woman stands in the doorway of a cottage holding a shuttle used in weaving. Writing over the door reads ‘The Shuttle Hand Loom Weaving’. A brief view of a farmer with his animals in a farmyard cuts to the woman inside the cottage working her loom with a shuttle.

In a field, a farmer works a team of horses to cut wheat. Other men stack the cut corn into bushels that are then loaded onto a horse drawn wagon.

Title: Rievaulx Abbey

Along a woodland path come the couple chatting happily. The film cuts to views looking down on to the ruins of Rievaulx Abbey in a valley. General views of the abbey show people walking around the ruin.

Title: Pastoral scenes bring peace, to body and soul, now ready for the call of the coast

A view of a flock of sheep in a field cuts to show a shepherd and his dog. The shepherd and dog work together to herd the flock.

On a moorland setting, the woman picks heather.

The film cuts back to the map of Yorkshire and the arrow points at various points along the coastline beginning with Redcar then Saltburn, Staithes, Whitby, Robin Hood’s Bay, Scarborough, Filey, Bempton, Flamborough and finally Bridlington.

A view of train wheels travelling at speed cuts to a view looking down onto Staithes.

Title: Staithes

General views from around the village, local people standing in the doorways of their homes while fishermen walk past.
A view from a train travelling along the coast past the ocean cuts to a view looking down onto Whitby.

Title: Whitby

From West Cliff a panning view along the River Esk of the town with Whitby Abbey on the far side. The couple watch as fishermen repair their nets on the beach below the old town.

The train travelling along the coastline again cutting to a view looking down onto Robin Hood’s Bay.

Title: Robin Hood’s Bay

A man carrying two pails on a milkmaid’s yoke or carrying pole walks down New Road towards the harbour. General views of visitors walking up and down the narrow streets through the village. At the harbour, a boy on horseback rides past while on the rocky beach views of people walking around.

Two small children play in the wet sand on Scarborough beach.

Title: Scarborough

A fishing trawler comes into the harbour. An old fisherman sitting on the quayside beside a small child points at a boat beside them. The name of the boat is ‘Fisher Boy’.

Fishermen unload their cargo of fish from the hold of the trawler into baskets that are winched onto the quayside by hand. The couple come over and watch.

A view showing the bay at Scarborough cuts to the couple standing on a pier or promenade. The woman is pointing out to sea. On the beach below, views of children play in the sand. The couple, now in bathing costumes, run hand in hand toward the water. General views of adults and children either walking gently through the surf or playing with a ball in the sea. The couple run back across the sand away from the sea and the film cut to show a small group of adults sunbathing on the beach.

A window opens onto a crowded a view of the Scarborough Spa at night. Lights hang across around the spa providing illumination. There are various views along the promenade at night lit up with hanging lights including two people still swimming in the sea.

The film cuts to show a train coming alongside a railway platform.

Title: Before going south let us glimpse at Lord Derwent’s Estate on the outskirts of Hackness and the Forge Valley

A view of Hackness Hall in its grounds cuts to a car driving along a road. A person stands on the road across from the entrance to St Peter’s Church in Hackness which can be glimpsed through the trees. A stream runs beside the road.

General views showing the exterior of St Peter’s church and churchyard. [Dark] Views inside the church show a number of stained glass windows. Outside a view showing a row of cottages.

The film cuts to show the beach at Filey and a number of small tents erected beside the cliff.

Title: Filey
Children in horse drawn buggies race back and forth across the beach intercut with children and adults playing in the sand. Three people try to stay on a rubber lilo in the sea but fall off.

Title: Fish is fresh at Filey

A group of men fish from a rocky promenade. A man shows the woman how to fish, her husband catches a fish and shows it to the camera along with a second man.

A view of a train travelling at speed cuts to a view of Bempton Cliffs

Title: Egg collectors afford exciting scenes of Bempton Cliffs

Attached to a rope and wearing a metal helmet a man slowly climbs over the cliff edge. At the top three men pull on the rope attached to the man who swings across the cliffs below. The men pull on the rope again and the climber appears at the top of the cliff.   

A view of a train travelling at speed through the countryside cuts to show the beach at Flamborough within a small cove.

Title: Flamborough

Two people stand beside a large tent erected on the cliff top watching as a cargo ship travels past. Back in the cove near the beach a smaller fishing boat travels out to sea.

Title: The lighthouse on the rugged shores at Flamborough

A view of the exterior of Flamborough Head Lighthouse while a car drives along a track beside the building.

A view of the train travelling through the landscape again cuts to show the crowded beach at Bridlington.

Title: Bridlington

The film ends with a view of the crowded beach.