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NEFA 20555



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Amateur travelogue that explores town, country and seascapes of Northumberland including Lindisfarne, Seaton Sluice, and Morpeth, the city of Newcastle including the Quayside Sunday market and Jesmond Dene, and the North Tyneside coastal towns of Tynemouth, Cullercoats, and St Mary's Island. Footage also features hiking and camping along Hadrian's Wall and a visit to Edinburgh in Scotland.

Title: A Frandean Film

Title: County of Northumberland

Title: Let us, together, explore the county of castles and coal mines.

A family with three young children walk along a wooded path.

Portrait shots of each of the three children, front and side profiles, framed against the sky.

Title: Holy Island

People climb the mound up to Lindisfarne Castle.

View of Lindisfarne island from the harbour on the mainland.

View of Lindisfarne across the bay from the mainland.

Title: The Market town of Morpeth

View of a very crowded Carlisle Park paddling pool with many families lounging on the sloping grass banks and children paddling in the shallow pool.

Title: Newcastle Swing Bridge

Various high angle views of the Swing Bridge opening.

The next sequence captures various locations and landmarks in Newcastle.

View from Church Lane, Gateshead, towards Tyne Bridge arches beside the blackened church clock tower of St Mary’s Church, Gateshead.

Camera pans left from St Paul’s, Gateshead, towards the steel arch of the Tyne Bridge, the Newcastle skyline in the background.

A large ship with funnel sails under the Tyne Bridge.

High angle view of Bessie Surtees House with pan up to the Castle Keep.

View through the steel girders of the Tyne Bridge as people cross, the towers of the Cathedral church of St Nicholas visible in the background.

High angle view of crowded market on the Quayside, the Tyne Bridge in the background.

The Quayside market is crowded with people. A large crane stands on the quayside with the Tyne Bridge and High Level Bridge behind.

A stallholder stands atop a stack of boxes of fruit and vegetables and plies his wares.

Rear shot of a woman with red hair serving at another stall.

A woman holds a bunch of balloons for sale.

Close-up of a mechanical toy stall, small children watching the demonstration of a mechanical toy motorbike. Two young girls suck lollipops as they watch and then look to camera. Men and women around the stall are absorbed in the demonstration.

A male vendor hawks goods to a cluster of men and women around his stall.

View of the market beneath the Tyne Bridge, the Baltic Mill visible in the background, then camera pans up to frame the Tyne Bridge.

Shot of the Castle Keep with the towers of the Cathedral Church of St Nicholas in the background.

High angle general view of the Tyne Bridge and Gateshead in the background.

Overhead shot of people lounging in a garden inside fortified walls.

Side profile of young girl in red hairband looking through binoculars standing on the roof of the Castle Keep. View across the rooftops of the city.

An old man and young girl, backs to camera, stand on the castle roof, the towers of the Cathedral Church of St Nicholas in the background.

Low angle shot of the exterior of the Castle Keep.

High angle shot of a crane lifting cargo from the quayside into the hold of a ship.

Title: Eldon Square, Newcastle

A group of mostly women in summer dress sunbathe and relax around the war memorial at old Eldon Square.

Title: Jesmond Dene

Various shots of the waterfall and bridge at Jesmond Dene.

Title: Tynemouth

View of Tynemouth breakwater, lighthouse and harbour with tide out.

View of Tynemouth breakwater, lighthouse and harbour with tide in, a yacht sailing close to land.

High angle view of crowded beach in St Edwards Bay with Tynemouth lighthouse visible in background.

A large cargo ship heads out from the mouth of the Tyne River past the lighthouse.

An older man and young woman walk down steep coastal stone steps towards camera.

High angle view of beach and promenade at Tynemouth.

Title: Seaton Sluice

View of Seaton Sluice, with bridge and coastal houses, river tide out and boats moored.

Title: St Mary’s Island

General views of lighthouse on island, people walking to the island along a concrete path from the mainland. Blyth Power Station is visible on the horizon.

Various shots of people visiting the island and lighthouse follow.

High angle view across beach towards lighthouse.

Title: Cullercoats

Various shots of people on the beach and breakwater, paddling and swimming in the sea and using small leisure boats at Cullercoats.

View of Cullercoats town and beach looking across bay.

View across harbour towards Tynemouth Castle and Priory.

High angle shot of Cullercoats Lifeboat Station, lifeboats and people on the beach.

Three young girls wade through shallow surf from the sea.

Four children play with a red ball at the sea’s edge whilst a boy shovels the wet sand into a pile with a spade.

Title: The Roman Wall

A male hiker sits on Hadrian’s Wall, the wall stretching into the distance.

The hiker points into the distance with his walking stick.

The hiker walks along the wall.

Shot of children taking down (or erecting) a tent on a very windy day, Hadrian’s Wall visible in the background landscape.

The hiker climbs down a steep, rocky crag.

Portrait shot of the hiker in his bobble hat having a break and drinking from a mug of tea. He then continues to walk along the wall.

Credit: Photography & Titles by Frank Wilson

Title: The End

Title: Edinburgh

Various shots at Edinburgh Castle.

High angle view of Edinburgh from the castle.

A family group pose by a cannon at the castle.

Title: Forth Bridge

Views of the Forth Bridge and the ferry service.

A young woman and an older man eat ice creams, the Forth Bridge visible in the background. Shot of the two seated with an older woman on a bench.

Title: The End

Title: Interval. Between Pictures.