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NEFA 19876



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A promotional film made for the County Borough of Gateshead by Montagu Pictures of Newcastle of a visit to Gateshead by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth on Wednesday 22 February 1939. The film shows the royal couple arriving by train at Gateshead Station, visiting a children’s hospital in Gateshead before moving on to open the Northern Eastern Trading Estates at Team Valley.

[Black and White]

Title: County Borough of Gateshead. Visit of their Majesties the King and Queen. 22 February 1939.

Title: Arrival at Gateshead Station.

The film opens on various dignitaries standing on a railway platform. A steam train pulls into the platform; King George VI and Queen Elizabeth get off the train and meet the waiting guests.

Title: Children’s Hospital at Gateshead.


The Mayor and Mayoress of Gateshead in gown and chains arrive at the hospital.

A large crowd waves at the royal party arrives at the hospital by motorcade. The King and Queen get out of their car and walk into the building followed by other dignitaries.

[Black and White, part of sequence out of focus]

Inside the hospital a crowd of people clap as the King and Queen enter. They are introduced to members of the hospital staff.

The camera pans across a ward showing children laying in their hospital beds; beside them stands a nurse. Several younger children sit up in metal cots watched over by a woman in a white uniform.

The royal party are lead around the ward by a man in a suite. The Queen speaks with a young girl and picks up the book she is reading.

The royal party leave the hospital by car.


A large sign reads 'North Eastern Trading Estate Ltd – Team Valley Estates'.

The Mayor and Mayoress of Gateshead stand on a raise platform.

A parade of soldiers stands to attention as the King and Queen get out of their car. The Queen is lead onto the platform to stand by a large white bow. She chats with the Mayoress of Gateshead while they wait for the King to climb onto the platform.

The King and Queen are asked to pull one end of the white bow which doe not separate when pulled.

The Queen chats with a man on a set of steps leading from the platform.

A large crowd stand behind a barrier beside a covered red carpet. The royal party arrives by car. A number of policemen on horseback travel with the motorcade.

The King and Queen walk along the covered red carpet towards a small factory unit.

A woman uses a Singer sewing machine to sew a leather strip around the edge of a metal ARP helmet.

The royal party come out of the factory unit.

A crowd of onlooker behind a barrier smile are wave.

The King and Queen come out of a building and get into a car.

A crowd of women workers in light green uniforms cheer and wave.

The King and Queen are driven away. They arrive outside another building, step out of the car onto a red carpet and proceed to walk inside.

The film ends on a view of the North Eastern Trading Estate Ltd sign at the entrance to the estate followed by the royal standard flying from a mast.

Title: The End

Credit: Photographed & Production Arthur G. Greaves F.R.P.S. Assisted by Victoria Wilkinson, Sergt. S. Heathcote.