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YFA 2419



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This film was made by an amateur filmmaker who was a farmer from Reighton, near Filey, North Yorkshire. The film includes footage of general construction on the family farm, the family going for a service at the village church, the start of a hunt ending, and boys sword dancing.

The film opens with construction scenes on the family farm. Workmen use a crane to put in foundation studs for the walls of the building. Part of the roof structure can also be seen.

The next scene takes place at the village church. Various members of the congregation can be seen making their way into the church, and gravestones are visible in the background. After the service, the townspeople exit the church. They are followed by a few members of the clergy as well who stand near the entrance.

A hunt is about to take place, and the huntsmen and hounds gather near stables awaiting the start. Riders are shown in traditional red coats, mounted on their horses, surrounded by hounds. Some of the women carry tea and cakes for refreshment after the hunt, and there are close-ups of some of the hounds. Many people from the village, both young and old, have turned out to watch. The hunt begins, and the hounds and riders are off. The hounds roam about in the countryside.

The next portion of the film takes place at the Great Yorkshire Show. Farmers, dressed in white coats, parade their prize bulls around a small judging circle. Following this are brief scenes of the family posing outside the house.

There is more footage taken of the congregation leaving the Methodist village church followed by an outing to Scarborough. The Bradshaw family and their friends ride on the miniature railway, and there is footage taken of the coastline from this ride on a lovely, sunny day. The film ends with a group of boys, all dressed in white gym kit, performing a traditional sword dance.