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YFA 5962



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This is a film, as the title suggests, of various countryside scenes filmed in the spring and winter, and including such famous sites such as Brimham Rocks. 

Title – The Country Scene

The film begins with images of wispy clouds, bare trees, fields, and hills.  Following this is footage of new-born lambs, waterfalls, and spring flowers.  Filmed from the front of a moving car, the filmmaker captures his journey to Brimham Rocks.  He continues on his journey, eventually arriving at afield with a sign stating “Bull, keep out.”   There are cattle, grasslands and chickens, and a black farm cat.  The filmmaker goes onto visit a wood of silver birch trees.  Several other kinds of terrain are shown including land with streams and wintry scenes.  There is the occasional bird and butterfly, and there are icicles next to a stream.  The film finishes with a sunset and a quarter moon.

Title – The End