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YFA 3322



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Made by members of the sixth form of Kelvin Hall High School in Hull, this film presents a day in the life of Cottingham Railway Station.  The film shows commuters who pass through the station as well as the railway staff at work. 

Title:  ‘Station Cameo’ 

The film opens with a Northern Dairies milk cart passing by a cat on a street.  The milkman delivers a bottle of milk, and the clock face on St Mary’s Church in Cottingham displays 8 o’clock.  The rail track, footbridge, buildings and semaphore signal are shown at Cottingham Station.  The Station Master arrives on his Honda C70, unlocks the Waiting Room and makes himself a cup of tea.  Someone buys a train ticket, passengers wait on the platform and a train arrives.  Everyone gets aboard and the departure is phoned through to the next station by a woman working there.  Another train arrives, passengers disembark, hand in their tickets, and cross the footbridge. 

Yet another train arrives, with many more passengers disembarking, and again the woman gets on the railway phone.  A railway worker pulls a barrow, and a group of people walk by.  The film shows in close up some old gas lights on or near the Station.  The clock shows 3:15.  Workmen unload newspapers from a train onto a trolley which is then pushed along the platform.  Again the woman rings through the train departure. 

At Thwaite Gates, there is a railway level crossing on Thwaite Street.  The level crossing comes down, and people wait in their cars for a train to pass.  Inside the signal box, the signalman pulls the signals off, and the traffic moves again.  A freight train passes through the station, and a woman then crosses over the walkway at the Station, after which the sign is shown stating: ‘Passengers must not cross the line except by means of the footbridge.’  Another train arrives with many passengers getting on and off, including a group of working women with bicycles. 

Another goods train passes, and the signalman is seen at work pulling levers and operating the level crossing.   A young man kisses his girlfriend goodbye as she is about to depart on a train.  There is a shot of a line of cars waiting at the level crossing from low down through the underside of a passing train.  Some children and adults wait on the platform for a train before the gas lamps are lit up at night time.  The level crossing, traffic and a train are also shown at night time.

The End.