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YFA 5742



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This is a film showing an almost exhaustive look around Cottingham, streets, shops and places of interest, as it was in 1964.   

The film begins with a view over houses, fields and gardens.  There is a fire engine, and St Mary the Virgin Church can be seen in the distance.  There is a beck and a young man walking along a lane.  There are views down several streets, and of Mark Kirby’s Free School.  There is a closer view of St Mary the Virgin Church and of more streets, including Northgate.  A man cycles in front of a sign for “Beal Homes”.  A woman walks down a street with a bicycle parked on the kerb.  There is a sign for the health service clinic taking place at various places, including the Infant Welfare Centre.  Several ships are seen, including for the North Eastern Gas Board.  There is footage of the Council Offices on King Street and the Hull Brewery.  A green and yellow bus passes by and we see some schools, new houses and the Mermaid Club, the headquarters of the British Legion.

There is traffic and children out playing, and more shops and some pubs.  There is a sign for a Banquet being held in June for the Zion Congregation Church, with the Revd. Ian McPherson.  Two boys cycle into King George’s field, with a sign for tennis courts, putting greens and a cricket pitch.  The film finishes in a park, with a boy on a roundabout and other children on the swings.