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YFA 519



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This is a film made by Charles Chislett of two family weddings. The film includes footage of the guests arriving at the church as well as the reception.

The film begins with people arriving for a wedding, some getting their photograph taken. The vicar arrives followed by Grace and Charles' brother. More guests arrive, some posing for the camera. Then the bridesmaids arrive, including Rachel. Finally the bride arrives with her father, and they are filmed entering and walking down the aisle. The bride then leaves with her husband. They pose with the bridesmaids and other family members in front of a throng of photographers.

Guests then arrive at the reception being held at the Bay Tree bar and restaurant, where more photos are taken, with Charles' brother also filming. Having changed out of their wedding outfits, the newly married couple get into a car for the honeymoon. One of the young male guests playfully chases Rachel. The best man, with his handlebar moustache and covered in confetti, beams to the camera.

The film switches to daffodils in a wood and a lake next to the stately home in Barnsley Park. Rachel jumps off a fallen tree, and walks along by a row of old houses. There is a sign for Barnsley (Gloucestershire). A boy and his dog, a Jack Russell, play with a football. Another dog, a white terrier, sits in front of the camera. Grace and Rachel walk through a garden with flowers.

The film then switches to another wedding, with guests stood by their cars, and Grace, Rachel, John and Charles all stood together talking. More guests arrive, including the bridesmaids, who pose for the camera. Behind them is the rear of 'The Old Inn'. The bride arrives with her father, and then emerges from the ceremony arm-in-arm with her new husband, John. They pose with both sets of families for photos.

The reception takes place outside, with a large marquee, next to a thatched cottage. John carries his new wife. A group of the guests gather around the wedding car, a blue jaguar (reg. UUY 545), confetti is thrown and off they drive with 'Just Married' written on the back and trailing tin cans.

The film switches to the first married pair in a street with a group, including Rachel and Grace, laughing whilst looking at a book of photos.