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Holiday travelogue by Yorkshire filmmaker Eric Hall, exploring the delights of the Côte d’Argent region of southwest France. This film takes a look at the production of pine resin in the forests of the area, as well as visiting some key landmarks of the city of Bordeaux.

Title – Cote d’Argent

Title – Photographed and edited by J. Eric Hall.

The film opens with fishing boats in a sunny harbour, with large crates of freshly caught fish on the deck of one. The fish are seen close-up and a hand reaches in to move them around. Large orange nets are handed down from the harbour walls to fishermen on the boats.

Waves crash against rocks on the shoreline, and a small stone bridge connects a beach with a little island just off the shore. Small boats are moored inside the harbour walls and holidaymakers come and go. Striped beach tents line the beach, and a lighthouse perches on the coastline in the background. People sunbathe and paddle in the surf.

A middle-aged woman in a sundress takes a walk in the woods. She digs the toe of her shoe into the sand underfoot and kneels to feel some of the earth with her hands. She collects an armful of pine cones which have fallen from the tall, thin trees, and smiles at the camera. On one tree, a device for collecting resin has been attached, with a small bucket to collect the liquid. A hand dips a twig into the small reservoir of resin to demonstrate the gloopy consistency.
A country road is lined by trees with red bark, and the trunk of one is seen from close-up. A man’s hand holds up a piece of bark for a closer look.

The woman walks away from a car parked by the roadside, back into the woods where she collects more pine cones. She shows these to a man in an apron and clogs, who is using a metal tool to remove strips of bark from the trees. He indicates a bottle attached to the tool and the camera lingers on his shoes and smock.

A man in shorts and knee-length socks, probably the filmmaker, inspects a large pile of timber, followed by even taller stacks of neat wooden planks.
People cycle along the forest road, and a white house with red painted balcony and shutters stands in a clearing.

In Bordeaux, slightly inland from the coast, traffic goes past a stone archway and across a large, low bridge, possibly the Pont-de-Pierre. Cranes are seen at an industrial shipyard full of boats. On the Esplanade de Quinconces, one of the biggest European city squares, the imposing white steps and column of the Girondin monument are seen. The base of the memorial reads “A la memoire des girondins” – to the memory of the Girondists, members of the Jacobin movement who were executed en masse during the French Revolution.

Title – The End