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YFA 2592



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A film showcasing some of the costume collection held at York Castle Museum. The film was made by filmmakers based in York and incorporates the museum entrance as a backdrop. The show was part of the arts festival and many preserved costumes are modelled by actors in full make-up and hair pieces of the Georgian/Victorian periods.

Title - An Ekard film production. Directed by K.Jones. Photography by R.Drake. A display of period costumes presented at the Castle Museum, York, by the school children of the city during the Festival of Arts, 1954.

Title - Georgian

The film opens with a shot of the Castle museums entrance. The door opens and a lady in a long, wide skirted pink Georgian dress comes out escorted by a man in clothes of the same era. They move to the side of the door where they curtsey and bow retrospectively.

A lengthy sequence follows whereby people wearing Georgian costumes appear from the museum and join the rest of the group; often bowing in greeting. Once all the models have exited the building they perform a slow waltz together, which shows off the magnificent fashions.

Title - The end.

Title - Victorian.

The next sequence opens with a woman in Victorian dress leaving a canvas tent guard by a soldier carrying a rifle. Another soldier in a black uniform hands a note to the woman, who goes back inside the tent. Then there is a Victorian street scene in front of the museum; kids wearing coats and flat cap sit on the steps as the two soldiers walk past followed by a woman pushing an old Victorian perambulator.

A group of people then gather around in different Victorian dress from different social classes, and these include a poor 'beggar', an aristocratic man, and nanny with baby in a perambulator. There is also a young boy working a loom, who chats briefly to a woman dressed like a Victorian servant. The final shot shows the Castle museum's exterior.

Title - The end.