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YFA 5698



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This is part of a collection of films made by butcher and amateur filmmaker Henry Foster of Acomb.  The film is of some street parties in York to mark the coronation of George VI.  This includes street parties in Hungate, the former slum area of York, as well as the Shambles.

The film starts in a bunting covered street where a party is taking place.  The street is very narrow, and there is a table with cakes in the middle of the street.  Children are seated on each side of the table.  Their parents are gathered all around, and many wear party hats.  

Next there is another cul-de-sac street with terraced houses.  Again the residents are dressed up, with party hats, and in the middle of the street is a long table at which sit children, also in party hats.  A group pose for the camera, one women holding up a kettle.  Someone cuts the cake to pass out to the residents, and everyone looks very cheerful as the slices are handed out.

Now at the Shamble, there is another street party, again with children seated at a table with cake.  At the end of the Shambles Audins Fish Restaurant can be seen.  The residents pose for the camera, and then the children parade down a street past the camera.  There is another street with an empty table and chairs.  Next, the children collect souvenir mugs to commemorate the Coronation.  They are then seen around the table, and the mothers standing behind them are all wearing very similar hats.  A woman hands out coins to the children as the film comes to an end.