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YFA 713



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Made by members of the Leeds Camera Club Cine Circle, this film documents the Festival of Hobbies which was held at the Corn Exchange in Leeds. Many different tables and stalls have been set up for display in celebration of hobbies including model railways, weaving, pottery, stamp collecting, and filmmaking.

Title - Leeds Camera Club Cine Circle Presents
Coronation Year Festival of Hobbies

The film opens with shots taken from the first floor of the Corn Exchange. There are many different tables set up for people to display equipment and memorabilia associated with their different hobbies. Some of these include ceramics, transport engines, film, and stamp collecting. There are many tables set up, and those in attendance make their way from table to table. There is also a miniature railway set up, and there are a few children who take a ride on the train.

Sign - Model Railway

There are shots of a working model railway. Nearby, there is a man with a model tank and well as a woman demonstrating a weaving loom. There is also a woman throwing on a pottery wheel. She makes a vase which she removes from the wheel with a cutting wire.

At the Leeds Camera Club table, various projectors and cameras are set up. There is also a Zoetrope on display.

Sign - Zoetrope - This machine was invented by a Mr. Horner in 1934 and was probably the first form of cinematography.

The Zoetrope can be seen in motion, and the film closes with more shots of the Cine Club's table.

Title - The End.