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This piece is essentially two films. The first shows Coronation celebrations in Harrogate and Knaresborough, and the second shows the actual event taking place in London.

Intertitle: [On a blue background with a red banner] "Loyal Greetings".

The next intertitle has the text at the top cut off, but shows a drawing of the royal carriage.

There is a floral display in the town of Harrogate. The centre piece is shaped to resemble a crown. In a shop window, orb and crown replicas sit on cushions, rotating. There is a portrait of the Queen propped up next to them, along with a silver spoon and a ring.

The high street has banners, pictures of the Queen and flags strung all across it, ready for celebration. A sign in a window reads: "ER Coronation 1953". There is another window display featuring red, white and blue slippers. There is also a book with one page showing a photo of the royal family and on the other, Prince Phillip.

Intertitle: "The mile long procession was marred by constant rain but enthusiasm was not damped".

Various uniformed groups, men and women, parade. There are also marching bands and children in the procession. There is a yellow van with a Union Jack on the front, registration "FWR 74". It has "Bread for Energy" painted on the side. There is a woman in a white dress knelt down on it praying, with men dressed in Bishops' robes behind her.

Another van, with children on top, passes by. They look to be members of a cricket team, and the van has a sign on it that looks to say "Harrogate Boys Cricket", though the text is cut off so this cannot be said to be definite. One boy on board holds a bat, and a man stands behind holding what looks like a sword.

Another van has "Harrogate CC Cricketers old and new" painted on it and people sit on top, and there is one which is wholly adorned in flowers. Another has a sign which reads "Here Comes the Queen". It is clearly a company van as a telephone number can be seen on the side door, Harrogate 3850.

There is a vehicle for the Harrogate Youth Club, showing "Commonwealth Nations". Young people stand on top dressed as crude interpretations of various countries. A couple wear grass skirts.

A van has on it: "Here's Happiness to Elizabeth II from the Coop Youth Movement". Children on this one throw streamers onto the road and crowd.

More pass, including registrations: "EWW 870", "0GAN 79", "JWR 260", "GWT 201". This last one is shaped like a boot. There is one with rugby players on, though the camera manages to chop their heads off the shot. There is one for the Junior Red Cross ("HWW 489").

One vehicle is shaped like a small row boat, and is pulled along on a cart by a red tractor. The cart is marked: "20th Harrogate Sea Scouts" and has boys dressed as sailors in it.

A van passes with registration "NTN 261" for "North Eastern Electricity Board". A woman, who is seated on a throne at the top of some steps on the back of a lorry, waves to the crowd. She holds a trident and resembles Britannia.

Intertitle: "What a colourful show had the sun come through".

There is footage of a few more vehicles.

Intertitle: "On Saturday the weather was ideal for Knaresborough's procession".

There is another parade, led by police on horseback. Once again, there are marching men and women in uniform. A black car with the registration "BWU 88" carries Miss Knaresborough 1953. She wears a white dress, a sash and a crown. She waves to the crowd. More vans with children on dressed up.

Intertitle: "The highlight of the gay street parties are the hundreds of sandwiches".

Children, dressed up, wave at the camera. It would appear there isn't a theme for the fancy dress as such, as they appear an odd assortment. There are flags and banners strung everywhere, and someone's washing is visible on a line in the background. The camera then focuses on a little boy dressed as a chimney sweep and a little girl in a cape and crown.

In the street, people sit at a long table which is lined with food. There are cakes, buns and sandwiches, and everyone has a cup of tea. Then everyone lines up around a bass drum and poses for a photograph. A dog is in the crowd, wearing a ruff.

A little girl eats ice cream, and people talk and wander around. It is very busy and there are various shots of different people.

Intertitle: "For many the day ended with a visit to the fair held on the stray".

There is a merry go round, a waltzer, and a number of stalls. One has a sign which advertises "Sea Salts, Canteens of Cutlery, Blankets, Gents Pocket Watches".

The second part of this film now begins. An intertitle reads: "A Walton Film Production. (World Copyright Reserved)".
"The coronation of HM Queen Elizabeth part I"

Buckingham Palace is shown, lined with the Queen's Guards. Horses go by in a procession, followed by the Queen's carriage. She waves. Her husband and children stand in a window of the palace looking out.

Intertitle: "The Mall".

The streets are full of onlookers. The procession continues.

Intertitle: "Trafalgar Sqaure".

There are more similar shots of the carriage. A shop sign can be seen behind for "Lewis".

Intertitle: "The Queen Mother and Princess Margaret drive to the Abbey".

There is another similar carriage shown making the journey through the streets.

Intertitle: "Her Majesty's arrival at Westminster Abbey".

The Queen gets out of her carriage and walks into the building. Inside, she walks down the aisle. There are three women on each side of her to hold her cape. They wear white. Now sitting on the throne, the crown is place on the Queen's head.
Intertitle: "Elizabeth is crowned Queen".

She walks back and gets into her carriage again.

An open top horse drawn carriage goes through the streets with three people in, waving. Another important man wearing very formal clothes and a large, feathery hat gets into a different carriage. The procession is shown once again.

Intertitle: "The Return to Buckingham Palace".

The carriage re-enters the Palace gates. The Royal Family stand on a balcony and wave to the crowd, who are shown to be waving back. Planes fly overhead.

Intertitle: "Long Live Our Noble Queen".