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This film comprehensively documents a pageant celebrating the coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. The film was made by the Barnsley Amateur Cinematograph Club and was also filmed in Barnsley at a sports arena. The film shows local schoolchildren from all over the county dressing up as peoples of the world and acting out parts of each countries culture.

Title - County borough of Barnsley Pageant the people of the world to celebrate the coronation of their majesties king George VI and Queen Elizabeth 12 May 1937. Produced by the schoolchildren, teachers and parents of Barnsley.
Photographed by the Barnsley Amateur Cinematograph Club.

On a sports field, men in red ceremonial outfits blow their trumpets, and in the background, a gathered crowd can be seen. The mayor, in full ceremonial regalia, makes a speech into a microphone surrounded by other important officials. The Mayor and his entourage then take seats in the front row of an already seated crowd.

Title - Primitive man. St. Mary's C. of E.infants.

Still on the sports field, schoolchildren create a scene of primordial life using makeshift caves, fur outfits and fires.

Title - North American Indians, Eldon Street infants.

Schoolchildren wearing face paint and Indian headdresses stage a scene depicting Native American Indians.

Title - Negroes - Racecommon road infants.

From an elevated position, the filmmaker captures African tribes being acted out by schoolchildren.

Title - Eskimos - Agnes road infants.

The schoolchildren are dressed up as Eskimos carrying spears, hiding in papier-m?ch? igloos and being pulled by cardboard cut-out snow dogs.

Title - Ancient Egyptians - Holyrood R.C. infants.

Schoolchildren dressed as ancient Egyptians make pottery, inscribe stones and play harp-like instruments.

Title - Babylonians - Park road infants.

Schoolchildren dressed as ancient Babylonians perform ancient rituals.

Title - Assyrians - Ardsley Infants.

Schoolchildren dressed as Assyrians (people with thick birds), stand before their king.

Title - Ancient Jews - Worsbro' Common Infants.

Schoolchildren dressed as Ancient Jews, kneel and pray before their god. This is followed by various shots of slightly older looking pupils dressed as Romans.

Title - Romans - Barnsley Grammar School.

A Roman garrison fights off several attacks from barbarians with faux swords and shields.

Title - Medieval Europeans. The churchmen - Raley Senior girls.

Schoolchildren dressed up as medieval European's play out key episodes from the history Christianity, including the birth of Jesus Christ.

Title - The medieval Europeans. The villagers - Keir Street Junior.

Schoolchildren dressed in multi-coloured jester uniforms skip around a cross, and in the background, there are houses with thatched roofs and a windmill.

Title - Medieval Europeans. The knights - Wilthorpe Junior.

Children dressed up as medieval knights perform static jousts and sword fighting contests.

Title - Medieval Europeans. The traders - Eldon Street junior.

A makeshift boat moves along the field, and children dressed as medieval traders disembark carrying goods such as carpets. The traders are greeted by a large group of other children, also dressed in a similar costume.

Title - Japanese - Ardsley Junior boys.

This sequence shows schoolchildren dressed in typically oriental style clothing, going about activities synonymous with Japanese culture.

Title - North Africans. Ardsley Junior Girls.

Schoolchildren dressed in turbans, and other garments associated with North Africa, charm snakes and pray.

Title - Russians - Ardsley oaks senior.

Russians perform dances and carry out peasant tasks.

Reel 2 -

Arabian costumes are donned by more schoolchildren and they act out market sellers with camels.

Title - Spaniards - Grove Street senior.

Spanish flamenco dancing and a horse made to look like a bull are just a few of the spectacles shown in this parade of brightly coloured outfits.

A cut is made, and this time children are dress up as Flemish folk; windmills, horse and carriage, big cheese.

Title - Swiss - Holyrood R.C. Senior.

Boys dressed in lederhosen and girls in traditional Swiss costumes perform a Swiss dance.

Title - Germans - Racecourse Road senior boys.

This scene shows radios, zephyrs, scientists and factory machinery.

Title - Italians - Racecommon road senior girls

Students in traditional Italian wear cook and dance.

Title - Austrians - Agnes road junior boys.

Boy's in lederhosen dancing, playing traditional instruments and heavy references to agricultural work.

Title - Scandinavian - Agnes road junior girls.

Girls do calisthenics, and then on top of a rock, a girl and boy stand above a plaque that reads 'Shepherdess and chimney sweep - Hands Andersen'.

Title - Baltic people - Ellis junior boys.

Countries from the Baltics are represented by the children.

Title - Balkan peoples - St. Georges' C.of E. Girls.

Girls hold branches, and there is more native dance.

Title - South Americans - Holyrood R.C. junior.

Kids are dressed to represent different nations from this continent.

Title - Americans of the United States - Raley senior boys.

Schoolchildren represent cotton pickers and filmmakers.

Title - Chinese - Park road junior.

A scene from China: Chinese lanterns, market sellers, straw hats, rickshaws.

Title - Canadians - Wolsbro' common junior.

Mounties and cowboys are shown in this sequence.

Title Australians - St. Johns C.of E. Junior boys.

School children play cricket, sheer sheep and play Australian football.

Title - South Africans - St. Johns C.of E. Junior girls.

Girls wearing dresses hold individual letters which spell out different fruits.

Title - New Zealands - Doncaster road junior.

A young girl holds a sign with 'New Zealand chesses' written on it and there are shots of colonialists and natives.

Title - Newfoundlanders - St. Joseph's junior.

Kids in makeshift boat haul in fish.

Title - Indians - Littleworth junior.

Girls perform traditional dance, and some boys have face paint on.

Title - Irish - Monk Bretton junior.

Girl holds four leaf clovers, other school children perform Irish jigs, and then some kids sell potatoes and butter.

Title - Scotch - Hoyle Mill Junior.

Children wearing kilts and tartans perform a highland dance in front of picture of Queen Mary ship. There are also shots of children knitting and fishing.

Title - Welsh - Burton Road junior.

In this scene a Christian ceremony takes place.

Title - English - Littleworth senior.

Horn blowers announce the arrival of a knight, who stands on a podium. Then the filmmaker cuts to show schoolchildren miming cricket and golf.

Title - Coronation of William 1st - Barnsley Skective central.

Soldiers walk under an arch and then there is a scene of William the 1st's coronation.

Title - Coronation of Queen Victoria - Longcar selective central.

Coronation of Queen Victoria is acted out.