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YFA 65



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This Charles Chislett film records the Coronation Day events as seen from the point of view of a spectator in London 1953.

The film starts with brief clips of a decorations marking the celebrations in a variety of locations - a pretty cottage has Union Jack flags hanging on its front; more decorations are seen (possibly at an army barracks?); and there is bunting in a street. 

Title – London June 2nd 1953 / Piccadilly Circus 3.30am

Neon signs, monuments and London streets are pictured. Crowds (of police and public) are seen assembling in the streets. As morning daylight comes, we can see more people have gathered during the night - some are keeping warm by covering themselves with blankets. Others are seen reading, talking or eating on the pavements.

The roads are swept up and cleared of rubbish. Mounted policemen patrol the area. We are then given a new perspective as we are shown more scenes of the preparations from a roof top (The Mall is visible). There are St George's flags. Members of the military are seen marching; the crowds are orderly kept behind lines. 

Title – The Head of the Procession arrives with the rain

Scenes of the procession commence, and feature all types of military representatives. There are even some Canadian Mounties. Focus is given to the busbies. The procession continues, and several carriages carrying dignitaries pass by. The Queen passes in a golden horse drawn carriage. The crowds are seen as they disperse. A formation of aircraft is filmed as it flies overhead. The film ends with a shot of a Union Jack flag being blown by the wind.