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NEFA 19851



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Home movie footage of a family holiday in Looe, Fowey and Polperro, Cornwall, in 1936 and Beadnell, Northumberland, in 1937, with trips to Holy Island and the Farne Islands, filmed by by Dr H. Brenton Porteous.

Title: Looe

[black & white film]

The film begins with various shots of the quayside at Looe in the 1930s on a wet day, a coastal town and fishing port. Boats, including the MacQueen of Looe, is moored in the harbour.

A brief scene inside a forge follows, with a blacksmith in works apron tending a brazier. The filmmaker’s son Ian watches him work from the door.

Workers unload coal from a collier into baskets that are winched to the quayside, where they are tipped into a barrow.

Men fillet and lay out fish for sale on the quayside. Fishermen tend to nets on their boat.

Various scenic shots of Looe and bay follow. A ferryman rows across the bay on the Bodinnick to Fowey car ferry. Ian poses next to the family car, transported on the ferry platform.

Title: Ian's first attempts at Surf Bathing

Ian has a go at surfing the small waves on the Cornish coast.


Title: Fowey and Polperro

Traveling shots of Fowey and the coastline from a boat. Someone on board dangles a fish they’ve just caught. Traveling shots of the smaller village of Polperro.

The next footage is of yachts sailing to Fowey and a larger cruise boat.

Title: The big Yachts at Fowey

3rd Endeavour I

1st Endeavour II

4th Velsheda

2nd Astra

Travelling shots of many J-class yachts including the Endeavour 1 & 2, Velsheda and Astra, racing from Fowey.

[black & white]

Title: St Dawes & Falmouth (Falmouth Sunbeams Racing)

General views of St Dawes harbour front including the Ship & Castle Hotel. Traveling shots from boat of coastline and Falmouth, yachts and other boats at sea, probably part of sunbeams races, and in Fal estuary. Various square-riggers are anchored in the estuary, and Tom Sopworth’s steam yacht and the Cutty Sark also feature.

[black and white / colour footage]

Title: Geordie & Punch Take Us To Holy Island and the Farnes. June 37

Group shot of men and women passengers seated in stern of small boat. The boat is manned by the fishermen Geordie Fawcus and Punch Dixon. There are various shots from the boat of Holy Island, Northumberland, across the sea in the distance.

A number of yachts are sailing on the sea with crews on board, a regatta off the coast of Northumberland. Close action shots of the race follow.

There is a view of Holy Island (Lindisfarne) from the mainland.

Interior and exterior shots of the ruined priory on Holy Island follow.

Next, there are travelling shots from a boat ride on choppy sea of the coastline and nesting birds of the Farne Islands.

At Beadnell, a fisherman mends his net, spread out flat on the grass, assisted by another man, and watched by an interested couple. A close-up focuses on his sewing technique.

Four men launch a small rowing boat or coble from the beach into the sea (Tom Brown's boat) and set off sailing with sails raised.

The final scenes at Beadnell are of two young women and an older man with the boat "Wanderer" on a beach, one woman painting the side of the boat as the other lounges nearby and watches. The man is Major Herbert Edgar Burton, Honorary Superintendent of the Tynemouth Lifeboat, known as a hero of the rescue of survivors from the HMS Rohilla in 1914, a liner converted into a naval hospital ship to carry wounded soldiers, shipwrecked off Whitby.

Ian Porteous and family play cricket on the beach at Beadnell.

The End