Film ID:
NEFA 21091



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This amateur film by J.H. Lawson that shows the preparations and the sights of the Northumberland County Show at Corbridge in 1964. Farmers, manufacturers and distributors of agricultural machinery do business while other visitors enjoy a day out at a major event.

The opening shot shows a hoarding for  'Tommy Carr of Horsley Ltd, Newton Stocksfield, Agricultural Engineers'.

A group of mechanics work on a tractor which has a shovel attachment. Other men paint metal gates and fencing, while nearby a large combine harvester is parked. Others work on assembling gates and fences. A long shot shows the progress of the preparations, where marquees, equipment and service displays are set out within an enclosure. In the foreground a Land Rover and 'E' Type Jaguar are parked.Tractors and other equipment get a final polish.

General views follow of show stands. One stand displays Alliss-Chalmers agricultural equipment.

Shots follow of a trio of men relaxing and chatting amongst themselves.

A final coat of paint is given to some metal gates and petrol [?] is poured into a bucket and is used to remove grime from workers hands.

The film cuts to shots of members of the public as the show is now open. A couple and their young sons chat to one of the men supervising a show stand. Behind another agricultural equipment stand a caravan or portakabin offers to show visitors an 'Oil Heating Exhibition'. The camera pans right showing a group of men chatting at the Allis-Chalmers stand.

General views follow of stand holders chatting to potential customers.

Inside a marquee a range of food, mainly snacks, are on display. One or two people sit at tables eating and drinking.

A sign outside in the middle distance reads: 'B H Brown of Newcastle & Alnwick - Specialists In All Types of Farm Equipment'.

More general views follow of stand holders chatting to visitors. A man poses for the camera as he places a rosette he has won on his lapel.

The film cuts back to the Tommy Carr stand seen at the beginning of the film. The camera pans across the display left to right. Adverts pinned to hoardings advertise ' Agricastrol - Tractor Oil and Grease'. The camera continues to pan right with general views of stands and milling crowds, in the distance flags are flying that promote products and businesses. A group of men chat at a metal gate. Others admire the engine of an Alliss-Chalmers tractor, an ED-40 'Depthomatic'. The film ends as two gentlemen chat outside the entrance to a marquee.