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YFA 2879



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One in a large collection of family films portraying the Cooper family of Leeds. This particular film comprises images of family orientation during the year 1960. The Cooper family are filmed here on holiday with Norman and Minnie Ashworth - in Paris.
[Norman Ashworth was Ron's business partner - R.S. Kitchen Ltd - he was also a founder member of Associated Dairies before it became ASDA.]

A French policeman stands on the pavement directing traffic. Lots of cars and vehicles pass by. A couple walk up to him and ask for directions. Another policeman stands observing the traffic. The first policeman continues to direct the traffic, then walks off. Traffic drives past - the camera is on the roundabout with the Arc de Triomphe. A busy street runs towards the Arc.

There is a memorial plaque on the floor underneath the Arc, there are lots of flowers on the floor around the memorial and a torch, aflame. Dora walks around the memorial. She and Minnie Ashworth sit on some stone steps, underneath the Arc de Triomphe. The Arc in great detail.

Another policeman directs traffic from the middle of the road. Pedestrians cross the street amidst heavy traffic.

Dora stands outside a souvenir shop underneath the Eiffel Tower. The tower from underneath, looking right up to the top. A bridge, crossing the river Seine opposite the Eiffel Tower. The Palais De Chaillot and views across Paris from the top of the tower. The Trocadero gardens and the Champs Elys?es. The Champ de Mars with the Tour Montparnasse in the background.

Views of cars below the tower from inside the descending lift moving down the Eiffel Tower. Spectators watch as a speedboat makes figures of eight in the water of the Seine.
Pedestrians cross the road and a speedboat races under the bridge.

Dora stands on the observation deck overlooking the city. Norman, Minnie and Ron join her. Ron has a camera.

At the bottom of the Eiffel Tower looking across at the Ecole Militaire. A carpark outside the Chappelle De La Sorbonne. There is a lot of traffic.

A speedboat carrying three people races along the river Seine.

Dora and Minnie stand in the cobbled square of the Couer D'Honneur amidst a group of tourists. Minnie puts up a red parasol and poses with it. The group stand in front of the monument of Luis XIV. There is a crowd and a parked lorry by the Couer D'Honneur. Le N?tre park outside the Chateau De Versailles. Views of the Chateau.

Dora, Minnie and Norman talk to a younger couple and pose in front of one of the fountains before walking towards the camera.

Dora and Minnie sit on stone steps outside the Basilique Du Sacre Coeur. They talk and Norman joins them, then Ron and he takes some photographs of the view. All three walk down the steps with the Basilique Du Sacre Coeur in the background. Dora and Minnie walk down the steps, towards the camera.

Across the rooftops of Paris, from the top of the steps of the Basilique Du Sacre Coeur. Two women in what appears to be bride's dresses come out of the building.

The propellors of an aeroplane, from inside of the plane - out of the window. It taxis down the runway/taxiway. Norman, Minnie and Dora disembark from the plane. It reads "British European Airways" on the side of the stairwell.

Dora sits on the doorstep in the front garden of Rondor.