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YFA 2878



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One in a large collection of family films portraying the Cooper family of Leeds. This particular film comprises images of family orientation during the year 1956. The Cooper family are filmed here at Jack and Nan's wedding. Nan is Ron's sister, Ron being the film maker.

Background of cream coloured wallpaper (with red, white and orange lines and a squiggly black pattern).

The words "Easter Wedding" appear
Then - "St Josephs Cragg Wood Rawdon"
Then - "The Clans Proctor and Cooper Unite"
Then - "Easter Monday"
Then - "Nineteen fifty six"
Then - "Nan marries Jack"

Nan walks with her arm linked through her dad's - Pa Cooper. She wears a blue tailored suit, a pink head piece and a small veil covering her face. She carries a bouquet of white and pink carnations.

Jill (niece to Nan/ grandaugter of Ma and Pa Cooper) stands next to Ma Cooper. Jill wears a red satin dress and a blue head piece. She carries a bouquet of red carnations and is a bridesmaid. Ma Cooper is wearing a purple-blue skirt and tailored jacket. She carries a posy of carnations and wears one in her buttonhole.

Nan and Jack stand outside the church. A small girl in a bonnet gives Nan a horseshoe, Nan kisses her in thanks. A little boy gives her a decorated wooden spoon - both symbols of good luck.

Jack kisses Nan and they hold hands. Jill and a man (possibly the best man) stand behind Nan and Jack.
The family are together - Nan and Jack, with Jill, Ma and Pa Cooper, the best man and two other people, (possibly Jack's mum and brother). Nan and Jill talk to one another. Then Nan and Jack talk.

The wedding party walk up the path away from the church and towards the archway leading out. As Nan and Jack walk through the archway, Dora throws confetti over them both. The party file past the camera. There is a red bus parked just outside the archway.

Mick (Nan's nephew) opens the right-hand-side, back passenger door on their green Austin. Jack gets out and then he helps Nan get out too. They are both covered in confetti. Mick shuts the door behind them and they pose at the side of the car. Mick helps brush some of the confetti off Jack using Nan's white gloves.

Jill, Jack, Nan, Ma and Pa Cooper stand outside the reception hall, talking.

The wedding party file past the camera, walking towards the reception hall - Greenacre Hall, Rawdon. A large group of the guests stand outside the hall. Jack and Nan talk to each other.

Inside the hall Jack and Nan prepare to cut the three tiered wedding cake. It is decorated with small silver and gold horseshoes, bells and real daffodils.

Outside, a small boy pushes Mick - Mick has a bandage wrapped around his knee. The boys play outside whilst the adults watch. Nan and Jill come out of the building and run to hide behind the crowd.

The wedding guests, including the newly-married couple, stood around talking, laughing and smoking.

A sign on the wall - partially covered by Pa Cooper, reads:
"593 COY R???C (T.A) (A???TPT)"

Dora stands with one of the Macs. Jill hands her bouquet to one of the little girls.
The whole wedding party stands outside the hall, posing for the camera.

Jack and Nan say goodbye to their family and friends outside their bungalow - Woodway, Outwood Lane, Horsforth - as they set off on their honeymoon. Mick opens the door of the Austin and they both climb in. Pa Cooper walks past the camera to the other side of the car.

Jack and Nan climb into a train carriage at the station. Mick helps them shut the door. The steam engine sets off along the track and Nan and Jack wave out of the carriage window. They are off on their honeymoon to Southport.

Title - "Good Luck" with silver horseshoes and bells framing the words.

A book opens and "The End" is written on the last page. Dora's hand closes the book.