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YFA 2857



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One in a large collection of family films portraying the Cooper family of Leeds. This particular film comprises of images of family orientation during the year of 1958. The Cooper family are filmed here on holiday in Morecombe, Torquay, Plymouth and Dartmouth, and at their family home (Rondor) in Leeds.

Three generations of women - daughter (Jill), Mum (Dora), and Nan look at the flowers outside in a garden. They are in an orchard in Swinton and Mick (brother of Jill) is up a ladder in an apple tree, picking the apples and passing them to his sister.

Illuminated peacock in red, green, yellow and orange lights against a night sky in Morecombe.

Dora in the garden at Rondor, she wears a big overcoat and looks at a garden gnome before starting to prune a bush near to the house.

Mick stands on a dry-stone wall, pointing to something in the background. Behind the wall there are snow-capped hills and fields.

Numerous flowers in a neat garden, many brightly coloured ones - it is a sunny day.

Three elderly ladies - Gran Thomas (Dora's mum), Meg / Margaret Naylor (Dora's mum's sitster/great-aunt), and Gran Cooper (Ron's mum), sitting on a garden swing. The rest of the family watch the ladies on the swing, then Jill and her mother (Dora) hold hands and walk away from the camera - they are both wearing flowery summer dresses of the period.

Planes landing at London airport.

The family are on holiday in Torquay. Torquay harbour on a calm and sunny day. There are lots of boats and one small, motorised boat heads out to sea.

Title - "Cockington" (red and yellow lettering)
The family are next in Cockington (in Torquay). Jill and her mother (Dora) inspect some rose bushes, accompanied by Mick. In a park (possibly 'Cockington Park') many visitors picnick and/or sunbathe on the grass. Drake's statue and a lighthouse. Views of Torquay from the top of the lighthouse of a monument, the harbour and the sea.

Plymouth - the outside of Buckfest (?) Abbey, the main entrance and the top of the turret.

Dartmouth - harbour with many small fishing boats. There is a lorry in the background, on the pier parked up by a building that used to accommodate ferry passengers. The outside and the sign for Dartmouth Station. On the other side of the harbour some small boats head inland. A busy passenger ferry, some shop fronts and then out onto the harbour. Dartmouth streets filled with cars of the 50's A car passes over the bridge. A (possibly replica) steam ferry with foot passengers, and the houses on the opposite side of the harbour.

Jill, her mother (Dora) and Mick look at the fountains in a park. Jill is replaced by her father, (Ron) then Mick gets hold of the camera and films the others walking along the harbour side.