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YFA 2856



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One in a large collection of family films portraying the Cooper family of Leeds. This particular film comprises images of family orientation during the year of 1958. The Cooper family are filmed here on holiday in Bournemouth, Whitley, Eastbourne, Dover, Horsham and Peasholm Park (Scarborough), and at their family home (Rondor) in Leeds.

Mick and his Dad, (Ron) practise their golf swing in a garden.

Mum,(Dora) Dad, (Ron) and Jill inspect the flower beds in the Swinton family's back garden. Ron and Mr Swinton inspect the bush that separates their garden and the road.

Four elderly people (the 'two Ma's and Pa's') in Whitley with the Cooper family. Ron walks past them all and explains who they all are to the camera. When he comes to his wife he kisses her.

Bournemouth. Mick carries a camera case around his neck. Mick and his grandparents walk along the cliff top looking out over the sea. Jill and her mother, (Dora) walk past their car - Ford Consul.

Outside their family home, Rondor, Leslie
and Janice Cooper and their family, (Tony, Patricia [Pattie], Richard and Paul) pose for the camera with the Coopers. Nick gives Pattie a piggyback ride. [Leslie and Janice Cooper are Ron's brother and sister-in-law.]

Dora weeds the flower beds in the garden of Rondor. Jill joins her and hands her some napkins, which they begin to fold.

The Becketts, (Bill, Anne, Veronica and Judy) join the Coopers on the swinging garden chair. Stop-motion 'trick film' has the family disappear from the scene one-by-one leaving Ron on his own looking puzzled at where they have all gone. They then all run back in to join him again. Then just the Beckett family sit on the chair.
[The Becketts were friends who got to know the Coopers through Ron's cine film hobby. Bill Beckett ran a photographic shop, (Pearson and Denham) on Bond St, Leeds and then his own shop - 'William Beckett's' on the Headrow]

The Cooper family on the seafront in Eastbourne, on holiday. They get into their car , (Ford Consul) and Jill drives.

In the car on a grass track on a cliff top overlooking Eastbourne and the sea, a blue car and bike go past.

Mick swims in the sea at Dover. Jill and her mum (Dora) walk towards the sea, then Dora and Ron walk together to join their children by the sea.

The Cooper family in the back garden of family friends in Horsham (north-west of Brighton). All four women wear similar flowered patterned dresses.

Peasholm Park, Scarborough. A steam train backs up and links with some waiting carriages. Mick and his Mum, (Dora) are near the front of these carriages. The park from the train as the train goes around it - the lake with rowing boats and pedalos; a sign saying "Scalby Mills" and then another train is seen backing onto some carriages and Mick stands at the side of the engine.

The Swinton's back garden.