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YFA 2866



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One in a large collection of family films portraying the Cooper family of Leeds. This particular film comprises images of family orientation during the years 1956 and 1957. The Cooper family are filmed here visiting family and friends and various parks and gardens, and at their family home (Rondor) in Leeds.

Jill (daughter), Mick (son), and Dora (mum) sit on deckchairs in Poole Park. Jill and Mick tease each other. There are people sitting on the grass behind. Mick takes the camera and Ron takes Mick's place with the family.

Swinton - Rose Cottage. The outside of a grey building is with trees and bushes in the garden. Mick, Tony Cooper, Pattie or Patricia Cooper (Ron's niece and nephew), Dora, Auntie Ana (Ron's aunt) and Jill walk around the outside of the house looking at the flowers and vegetables that grow in the garden.

Ron (dad) puts bread out on the grass, near the outhouse in Rondor's back garden.
Baby Paul's christening (youngest child of Les and Janice Cooper - Ron's brother and sister-in-law). He is wrapped in a blanket and a woman(possibly Dora) holds him.

1957 - Dora holds a baby, called John Cooper (son of Geoff and Vera - Ron's brother and sister-in-law). Vera holds the baby and Geoff stands at her side. They are outside a house.

Jill and her mother in the garden at Rondor. Dora wears a long blue velour coat - she has just come back from having an operation. They pick some daffodils.

Easter 1957 - Dora, Jill and Mick, with Nan and Grandad Cooper at Horsforth. They sit on a dry-stone wall with a lake (possibly what is now known as Billing Dam Fishery) in the background, as well as fields and trees. Ronald joins them.

Castle Howard on Easter Day in 1957. The house, gardens, fountain and pond. Mick has his Kodak box camera around his neck and he and Pa Thomas look at the pond and fountain. Mick runs across the gardens trying to take a photo of his dad filming him.

Dora pushes Jill on a swing. A little boy takes over the pushing. The little boy and Jill sit on one side of a seesaw and Susan Wolfe [daughter of Maurice and Sylvia Wolfe, who was the director of Rose Morris Musical Instrument Suppliers in London. They were business and personal friends of the Cooper's] and Mick sit on the other. Ron and the little boy sit on the seesaw and Susan swings on her own - Jill and her mother watch.

Tauntamib Abbey: (on the same day as above) Susan, Dora, Mick and Jill walk down the path towards the camera and past the stone wall of the Abbey.

Jill, Mick and Dora sit on the front steps at Rondor. Dora is making decorations, Jill is cleaning Mick's nails. Ron joins them and inspects one of the decorations - it looks a bit like a flower. Dora then gives the decoration to Ron and he kisses her - he then gives it back, along with a daffodil.

At Greamoore Bungalow with Mick, Jill and Dora (and an elderley couple). They all stand outside the bungalow looking at the garden.

Outside Jack and Nan Proctor's bungalow. Jack and Nan, (Ron's sister and brother-in-law) stand outside of on their own - it looks to be newly built as it appears to be quite modern, there is a bit of rubble, still, on the floor and the garden is not yet established.

Rondor from across the road, Jill and her mum sit outside.

Mr and Mrs Lawrence's bungalow (neighbours). Mr Lawrence stands outside, next to his car.

Starlings eating some bread in the back garden at Rondor. The roses in the front garden - Dora looks at one of the bushes.

The Becketts in the back garden at Rondor.
[They were friends made through Ron's cine film hobby. Bil Beckett ran a photographic shop (Pearson and Denham) on Bonds St, Leeds and then his own shop - 'William Beckett's' on the Headrow]
Jill, Dora and Mrs Anne Beckett sit in the swinging chair, whilst Mick, Ron, Veronica and Judy Beckett and Mr Bill Beckett sit on garden chairs. Stop motion effects make some of the group disappear and then reappear. Ron throws a ball to the women on the swinging chair and they throw it back whilst the two Beckett girls and Mick play in the background.

The front garden of Rondor. A view out across Rawdon and the neighbouring villages and towns (Probably Calverley/Balidon/Yeadon?) filmed from the bedroom window. Dora can be seen watering the front garden.