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YFA 2888



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One in a large collection of family films portraying the Cooper family of Leeds. This particular film comprises images of family orientation during the year 1956. The Cooper family are filmed here with visiting family and friends, at a wedding, on holiday in Bournemouth and at their family home (Rondor) in Leeds.

Marco Signori [who was an Italian accordian player who visited R.S. Kitchen to give a demonstration], Dora (mum), Jill, (daughter), Mick (son) and Phil Cowan [who was the director of Selmer Musical Instruments in London and his family became good friends of Dora and Ron] stand on the driveway at Rondor, talking.

Phil Cowan (smoking a pipe), Marco Signori, (smoking a cigarette) and Ron (dad) stand in front of their Ford, talking and laughing. Marco and Phil get into the Ford and drive off down the driveway and lane. Jill, Dora and Mick wave goodbye from outside the house. As Phil drives past the camera, (at the bottom of the drive) Marco waves from out of the passenger window. Phil puts his hand out the driver's window and waves.

At the wedding of Nan Tock (?) in Horsforth. Two men dressed in suits with carnations in their buttonholes stand outside a church. Guests arrive. The women are wearing hats, the men in suits and many have carnations in their buttonholes. They all file past the camera and into the church.

Three young bridesmaids. The two older ones wear peach coloured dresses with red headbands and carry bouquets. The smallest of the bridesmaids wears a white dress with a red sash, a white head piece and carries a posy of flowers. There is also a page boy wearing a white shirt, black trousers and black bow tie.

Two men (one being Jack Proctor, Ron's sister's husband) dressed in top hat and tails. They escort Nan and another lady into the building.

The bride appears dressed in a white wedding dress with a long train, draped over her arm. She has a veil and carries a bouquet of flowers. She is escorted by a man - her father?

The bride, her dad, the three bridesmaids and the pageboy stand outside the church. The father of the bride holds his gloves and top-hat in his hand. One of the bridesmaids gathers up the bride's train and lays it behind her before they walk into church.

After the ceremony, the bride and groom walk out of the church arm-in-arm. The smallest bridesmaid and the pageboy carry her train whilst the two older bridesmaids are escorted by two best men.

Dora, Jack and Nan outside the church.

Dora prunes roses in the front garden of Rondor.

Michael and Ann Cowan from Horsforth (?) walk out of Randor. They are wearing their night clothes - Michael is in a dressing gown and pyjamas, Ann is in a nightdress and dressing gown. They walk past the camera talking then talk to Mick who is standing outside. Michael Cowan was Phil Cowan's son and is married to Ann.

Dora and Jill sit on deckchairs at Bournemouth Beach. Both wear dresses but have them pulled up around their knees. Mick paddles on a lilo in the sea. Ron then gets on the lilo and plays with Mick.

Jill, Dora and Mick sit on a bench under a tree in front of a monument, which is in the middle of the road. They compare sun-tan lines on their arms. Ron sits with Dora and Mick, talking

Jill, Ron and Dora sit looking at a cigarette packet.