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YFA 2855



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One in a large collection of family films portraying the Cooper family of Leeds. This particular film comprises images of family orientation during the year 1956. The Cooper family are filmed here on holiday with family friends in Scarborough, on Marsden Moors and in Bournemouth, and at their family home (Rondor) in Leeds.

The Cooper family and Nan and Pa Thomas are picnicking on Marsden Moors (Peak District - south-west of Huddersfield) in front of the Cooper's car - an Austin(?) . They sit on two wooden chairs and two fold-away deck chairs and eat from a china tea-set. Both men wear suits, the women wear flowery dresses and Mick (the son) wears long grey socks, long grey shorts and a grey jumper. Grandpa looks out across the moors.

Yellow and Red lettering appears as a title - "Yorkshire Moors; July 1956"

Mick and Grandma pick wild heather in the moors. Then Mick, Grandma, her daughter Dora and Jill (daughter) stand with their backs to the sea, Mick takes out his box camera and starts to wind it on. Then Nan, Pa, Dora and Jill walk across the sea front of Scarborough whilst cars pass them.

The front of the car (Austin). Another family picnic on Marsden Moors, but this time with Grandma and Grandpa Cooper.
The family in Scarborough, the sea in the background. Ron joins them and points to something, both he and Mick discuss it.

Yellow and Red lettering appears as a title - "Scarborough; August 1956."

The sea splashes against the rocks. The family stand on the pier and look out to sea. Jill and Mick sit on the railings.

Jill drives the car in Marsden Moors. Various lorries and buses pass. Mick is in the front passenger seat; Mum and Dad (Ron and Dora) are in the back. The family drive past the Moors, farmhouses and a red double-decker bus.

A street scene in Bournemouth - there is a Shell and BP sign, (for a petrol station) and the sea in the background. A garage, a green double-decker bus, various lorries and cars filmed from the car.

Mick in a rowing boat in Poole Park, (one of two Victorian parks within Poole borough, close to Poole town centre) .

Dora weeding in Rondor garden. She wears a blue, flowery dress. Mick and Jill are in the garden - Mick wears the same grey shorts and socks as before. Jill wears a green, flowery dress. Mick teases his sister by asking her to smell a petal and then throwing it away before she has the chance.

Tulip fields at Spalding - red, yellow, white and pink fields. The town of Spalding, (Lincolnshire - north-east of Peterborough) is in the background.

A street sign reads "Church Street". The Green family sit with Jill, Mick and their Mum, (Dora) in a garden in Billinghay. They are Charles, Nora and Angela Green who befriended Ron when he was stationed at R.A.F Coningsby during the war.

Jill, Mick and Dora inspect a white blossom tree in the back garden of Rondor.

Jill maneouvres the car (Austin) up the drive at Rondor. The car has an 'L' Plate. She gets out of the car, takes off the 'L' Plate and throws it in the bin. [Jill passed her test when she was eighteen - it was her second time]

Jack Proctor (Nan's husband - she is Ron's sister) lifts a breezeblock and placies it at the top of some steps that he is building at Cooper bungalow in Rawdon. He wheels Nan around in a wheelbarrow outside the back door of the building.