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YFA 2854



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One in a large collection of family films portraying the Cooper family of Leeds. This particular film comprises of images of family orientation during the year 1955. The Cooper family are filmed here picnicking on Blubberhouses, swimming at Harrogate Pool and Eastbourne, rowing on Fairhaven Lake and at their family home (Rondor) in Leeds.

Geoff and Vera Cooper, (aunt and uncle) and the Cooper family have a picnic on Blubberhouses, (North Yorkshire Moors - near Harrogate). They sit on wooden chairs and fold-away deck chairs. There are sheep in the background, quite close to the family. They then play catch; Dora, (mum) throws to Mick (her son), Mick then throws the ball to Jill (his sister) who throws it back to Dora. Vera and Geoff join in a little later on. There moors and sheep are in the background.

Outside the family home (Rondor) in the back garden. Two elderly women ('Ma's') and Dora sit on a swinging garden chair. Two elderly gentlemen ('Pa's') sit either side and both Mick and Jill sit on the grass in front of the chair. They all look at the camera and then Ron, (father) joins his children on the floor. Mick cuddles him and everyone talks and laughs. The same view is taken, but from the side/at an angle. A young boy (similar age to Mick) joins him on the grass and Mick talks to him whilst the 'two Ma's and Pa's' sit in the background. There are then a series of close-ups on the family's faces.

Dora walk around the garden wearing a summer dress with hat and gloves.

Title - "Ten Today"
Mick's birthday. He sits on a wooden chair, polishing a cricket bat. On the cricket bat reads, "Gradidge: Len Hutton Autograph" and there is a signature. Mick then poses with the bat in front of some stumps, looking ready to hit a ball.

Then his Mum, (Dora) carries a birthday cake out of the house to Mick who is waiting with seven of his friends. Mick rubs his stomach and the other laugh and pretends to steal a piece of cake. The cake reads - "Happy Birthday" and there are ten different coloured candles on white icing.

A car drives towards the camera and then passes it.
Mick swim in Harrogate Pool with Angela Green. Angela wears a blue swimming costume with a big blue ribbon in her hair.

Jill, Mick, Charles, Nora and Angela Green walk through a park, talking to one another and laughing.

A sailboat on Fairhaven Lake, (Lancashire - between Lytham and St Annes). Taken from inside a rowing boat, looking back across the lake towards Fairhaven. The women and girls of the Ashworth and Cooper family are rowing whilst the men sit back and relax. Mick is in a boat on his own.

On a shingle beach in Eastbourne - looking at the sea front with its hotels and shops etc. Mick and a boy (possibly a Cowan) swim in the sea. Views of the 'Albion Hotel'. The family sit in deckchairs on the beach looking at photographs. Views from the sea front of the cars moving along the street.

People walk along the sea front with the beach and the sea in the background.