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One in a large collection of family films portraying the Cooper family of Leeds. This particular film comprises images of family orientation during the years 1954 to 1956. The Cooper family are filmed here on holiday in Bournemouth, visiting family and friends, driving in Minskip, picnicking on moors and at their family home (Rondor) in Leeds.

1954: Susan Wolfe and Mick (son) play in the sea at Bournemouth. Susan wears a red cardigan, white t-shirt with red spots and black shorts. Mick wears a grey t-shirt and black shorts. They run in and out of the sea and play in the shallows.
[Susan was the daughter of Maurice and Sylvia Wolfe, who was a director of Rose Morris Musical Instrument Suppliers in London - they were business and personal friends and were on holiday at the same time as the Coopers, in Bournemouth]

1955: Dora (mum) sits on the swinging garden chair in the back garden of Rondor. Mick stands inside the house, wearing his school uniform, with Geoff and Vera Cooper (aunt and uncle) and Mrs Collinson, (Vera's mum). Nan Proctor (Ron's sister), Dora (mum), and Jill (daughter) stand in a row facing the camera.
[Nan Proctor's full name was Kathleen Annie Proctor.]

Mick and Jill walk down their driveway. Mick is wearing a blazer and cap along with his grey jumper, white shirt and tie. Jill wears a long grey overcoat. Both have poppies pinned to their coats. Nan and Dora walk down the drive. Both are wearing dresses, aprons and slippers. They stand at the bottom of the drive and Jill and Mick stand with them. Dora squeezes Mick's face as they all pose for the camera. He turns to face his mum and as he does the black centre of his poppy falls off. He picks it up and sticks it back on whilst talking to his mum, Nan and Jill. He then falls over and the others laugh at him.

1956: Dora hangs white bed sheets on a clothes-horse. She moves the clothes-horse into the sun, in front of the garage. Whilst she is doing this a pillowcase falls off the washing line and so she puts that on the clothes-horse too.

A blue budgie sitting in its cage. His name is Peter. Dora puts her hand in the cage to try and coax Peter out, but this does not work and he hops around the bottom of his cage, playing with his toys and eating seed.

Mick and his mum play-fight on a grass verge in Minskip. They are standing next to a road and vehicles drive past. 'Pa' and 'Ma' Thomas (gran and grandad) and Jill watch Mick and Dora and laugh. They are all wearing overcoats and Pa and Ma Thomas wear hats. Jill joins in with the play-fighting, and Mick runs and jumps at his mum. Pa, Jill, Dora and Mick throw a ball to one another and Ron (dad) joins in. Ron throws the ball towards the camera, then runs to retrieve it.

An 'L' plate on the front of the Cooper's Austin. Ron beckons Dora over to look at it. Jill sits in the driver's seat of the car, Pa and Ma Thomas in the back. Ron opens the driver's door to let Jill out and she goes to the front of the car and looks at the 'L' plate. Jill drives the car off the grass verge and onto the road, Ron and Dora sit in the front.

The Beckett family, along with Jill, Mick and Dora stand outside someone's house. There are close-ups of the two young Beckett girls - Veronica and Judy, Mrs Anne Beckett, Dora, Mick, Mr Bill Beckett and Jill. The Cooper family and the three female Becketts pose for the camera. Mick, Veronica and Judy play with a ball attached to a weight by elastic - they take it in turns to hit the ball with tennis rackets.

[The Beckett's were friends who got to know the Cooper's through Ron's cine film hobby. Bill Beckett ran a photographic shop (Pearson and Denham) on Bond St in Leeds and then his own shop - 'William Beckett's' on the Headrow.]

1955: (B&W) Ron shovels snow from his driveway at Rondor. Jill comes to help in her slippers. Mick also has a shovel and uses it to move snow around the garden - he is wearing shorts. Ron watches Mick run in the snow. Jill makes a snowball and throws it at the camera, Mick does the same. Then Jill throws a snowball at Mick and they have a snowball fight.

Dora sits on a chair in the backgarden at Rondor. She picks up her bag and opens it. She picks up her purse and opens that. Inside her bag are a pillbox, cheque book and some other paper. She takes a couple of coins from her purse and then drops them back in.

Dora, Ma Thomas, Jill, Mick and Pa Thomas have a picnic on some moorland. They sit on the grass with the moors in the background. Dora puts some salad onto plates that Vera Cooper (aunt) is holding. She then puts an empty tuppaware box into a bag.

Jill and Mick in the garden. Jill hugs Mick and spins him around so that he is facing the camera.