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YFA 2867



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One in a large collection of family films portraying the Cooper family of Leeds. This particular film comprises of images of family orientation during the year 1954. The Cooper family are filmed here on their holidays at Bournemouth, Poole Park and Fairhaven Lake. We also see them visting family and being visited by friends at the family home - Rondor - in Leeds.

A cork board - the words "Friends from Baildon" are formed by red, yellow and blue letters.

A Vauxhall car (Cresta Saloon? With number plate - JKW 854) drives up the driveway at Rondor (Leeds).

The visiting family and Dora (mum), Mick (son), and Jill (daughter) are seen in the front garden at Rondor. The son of the family from Baildon inspects the stone ornaments whilst smoking a cigarette. Close-ups of each of the families. They all pose at the top of the garden, in front of the downstairs windows at Rondor.

Jill and Dora, (wearing a cream overcoat and hat) stand in a field in the moors, next to a dry-stone wall, talking.

Mick helps his Nan and Pa (gran and grandad) to get out of the (Saab?) car. The moors are in the background. The number plate of the car is RUG 565. Both grandparents wear large overcoats and hats. Mick looks through a pair of binoculars. The group pose for the camera with the hills in the background.

St Annes (Oxford) at Easter time. The son and daughter from Baildon are playing cricket with a tennis racket. Jill, Dora and the father of the two stand and watch them play.

Fairhaven lake (Fylde borough - Lancashire). A young man and woman are in a sailing boat on the lake.

Dora and Jill sit in their front garden at Rondor. Jill sits on the steps reading a book, Dora sits on a deckchair with a canopy over her head, shading her from the sun. Blossom tree in the front garden.

Poole Park on Whitsuntide (seventh Sunday after Easter - Spring Bank Holiday). Some swans and Mallard ducks swim on the lake. A small steam train travels around the lake. Children sit in the carriages and as it goes past the camera, we see Mick (in a red and white striped blazer) who waves at the camera. The train pulls into the station where a sign on the wall reads "Poole Park". The children get off the train (along with Mick) and some more children get on. The plaque on the train reads "Vanguard" in black lettering, on a red background. Mick walks around the steam engine and looks down the funnel as steam comes out.

"City of Winchester" sign followed by "The Woolpack" pub sign. The Woolpack pub, along with the row of terraced houses and the village of Elstead in Surrey. The Cooper's car is parked outside the pub, with the boot open. A blue car with registration number - CAA 218 is parked next to it.

An Alsation dog, lies on the grass in a garden - this is apparently Uncle Jack's (Mackay) in Whitley, (Tyne and Wear). He was Dora's mum's brother/ great-uncle.

Jill looks at some Rhodedendrums. Jill, Nan and Pa Thomas, Mick, gran and grandad Cooper and Dora all pose in front of the Rhodedendrum bushes. Nick has a cricket bat in his hands and pretends to hit a ball with it.

Title - "Summer Holiday Aug 54" (the letters are placed in the sand)

Outside Dick Turpin's [a teashop in the New Forest, Hampshire which the family visited many times whilst on holiday in Bournemouth] - Grandad Cooper bowls a cricket ball to Mick, who stands near the wickets. They play cricket for some time - Mick invariably missing the ball! Ron (dad) bowls and Grandad Cooper fields. Then Mick bowls for his dad and then for his Grandad.

Wild horses and a foal eating grass at the side of the road. Gran Cooper lets the foal lick her hands and then it turns around and tries to kick her. The foal rolls on the floor and bucks around.

Title - "Corfe Castle Dorset Aug 54" (red and yellow lettering spell out the words)

Corfe Castle. Grandad Thomas, Gran and Dora sit on the grass below and wave at the camera (which is up a hill). Jill and Mick look out over the hill and wave - Grandad Thomas waves back. The village Corfe from the top of the castle. Mick stands amidst the ruin with hills, fields and a lake in the background. Jill joins him and takes a picture of him using a box camera.

Poole Park - August 1954. Mick and Ron are in a rowing boat on the lake. Dora gets into the boat and sits opposite them whilst they row. In the park Jill and Dora stand posing for the camera - they both wear exactly the same dress - pink with blue flowers. Mick runs in to join them - a man and two small children are playing football in the background. Gran and grandad Cooper walk across the grass together. Rowing boats, sailing boats and swans on the lake. A large monument at the other side of the lake and rhodedendrum bushes in full bloom.

On the beach at Bournemouth. Gran and grandad Cooper, Jill and Dora sit on deckchairs. They are all fully clothed - Jill wears a strappy dress. Mick plays in the sand near to his mum. Ron sits down next to Dora - Mick throws an inflatable ball at her and she bats it back. Mick plays in the sea with his inflatable ball. There are lots of people on the beach - the men, all wear suits and the children are in the sea. Mick walks back up the beach, carrying his ball.

Dora's face is just visible, in the darkness of her hotel room.

Mick rows a boat on Poole Park lake. Dora, Jill and gran Cooper sit in deckchairs in Poole Park. Dora holds some binoculars, Jill and gran are knitting. Grandad Cooper sits down next to his wife. Close-ups on all four. Gran pops out the tinted glass from her glasses and Ron sits on a deckchair, laughing.

Filming of Weymouth (Dorset) from inside a car. The car overtakes other vehicles at a fast pace as it drives along country roads. What appears to be a large campsite next to the River Wharfe, with lots of fields surrounding it. On one of the nearby hills there is a large chalk picture of a man riding a horse. [This is called the "White Horse" and it is in Preston - it was constructed in the early 1800's by the local population and it depicts George III.]