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YFA 2907



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One in a large collection of family films portraying the Cooper family of Leeds. This particular film comprises images of family orientation during the year 1953. The Cooper family are filmed here visiting family and friends ,on the beach in Bournemouth and Scarborough, at Corfe Castle and Kearby also visiting Stonehenge and the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre and at their family home (Rondor) in Leeds.

Dora (Ron's wife), and Nan (Kathleen Annie - Ron's sister), sit on the grass in the front garden of Rondor. Jill (daughter of Dora and Ron's), stands, leaning against the front windows.
Nan wears a blue pleated skirt, blue elasticated waist belt and a white blouse. Shots of yellow, then red roses.

Mick (Dora and Ron's son), Jill and Dora sit on deckchairs having a picnic. They are at the side of a lane, next to their parked car, with the boot open. Ron walks around the back of the car and sits down next to Dora, picks up a sandwich and begins to eat it.

Title - "Kearby July 5 - 53" [near Harrogate]

Ron and Dora sit on wooden deckchairs talking. Ron moves some hair from her face and tucks it behind her ear. Mick and Jill sit on two deckchairs talking - Jill grabs Mick's hand and tries to read his watch.

Nan and Pa Thomas (Dora's mum and dad) stand in front of a gate. Behind them are fields and then the sea. It appears to be windy as Nan Thomas is having to hold her hat on her head.

Title - "Bournemouth Alum Chine Aug-53"

"Mick 8 years" and "Angela 15 1/2 years" is written in the sand. Mick sits in the sand. He has made a 'speedboat' using a quoit as a steering wheel, two plimsolls and a bucket on the bow of the boat and a spade on the stern. A crowded beach. There are hundreds of deckchairs and people all along the beach and sea front. Mick is in the sea playing in the waves. Dora and Jill paddle in the shallows - Dora wears an ankle-length sun dress, Jill a thigh-length orange all-in-one shirt and culottes. Auntie Ana (Ron's aunt) sits on a deckchair wearing a sun hat,; she pops the tinted glass out of her glasses. Jill runs and sits next to her.

Title - "Corfe Castle"

Corfe castle on top of a small cliff. People walk through the archway and gates to the inside of what would have been the fort. Views of the different ruined turrets. St Edwards church tower with a mounted clock, from over some rooftops. Some scouts are sitting at the bottom of the Corfe cenotaph in the village square. The village of Corfe and the outside of "The Bankes Arms Hotel." People buy Walls' Ice-cream from a small shop to the left of the square. Dora stands with a man who is selling onions.

Title - "East Cliff View"

Scarborough: Views from the cliff top of a sailing ship coming into dock and of the sea front and pier. The beach is very busy and there is very little sand to be seen because there are so many people on the beach. A plane flies overhead - possibly a Hercules. The ship goes back out to sea. People swim in the sea near to the pier.

Jill, wearing an orange wrap-around skirt, and Mick sit on a low white railing, near to the edge of the cliff. Funicular railway cars travel up and down the side of the cliff.

Title - "Stonehenge"

Visitors walk around the site. Jill and Mick take pictures with their box cameras. The children, with Dora and Aunt Ana wander amongst the stones. Jill takes a picture of Dora and Aunt Ana in front of the stones. Mick carries the camera - case to Ron, (who is holding the camera). Dora takes a picture of Aunt Ana, Mick and Jill sat on one of the stores. Ron then joins them - Mick and Jill are walking and sitting on the stones.

A sign reads: "Shakespeare Memorial Theatre. This garden is owned and maintained by the theatre governors as part of the Shakespeare Memorial. The garden is open to the public from 9am to sunset each day but may be closed at the discretion of the governors. Dogs and cycles are not allowed. Fishing from the river is prohibited. Food may not be consumed in this garden."

Views across the river at the side of the theatre (now known as "The Royal Shakespeare Theatre" or "The Swan" in Stratford-Upon-Avon). A group travel past in a rowing boat. Swans fish for food. A tourist boat sails past the theatre, with tourists on board. Views of the side of the theatre.

A door number plate - "91"

Nan Cooper (Ron's mum), and Nan (Kathleen Annie - Ron's sister), stand outside the front door. Nan Cooper holds Buster the dog's lead. Mick runs and joins them. Dora and Jill talking to the group.

A chalkboard saying - "1953 Xmas 1953"

Jill and Mick walk up the road and then driveway at Rondor. They both wear overcoats - Mick wears a red cap, and a red and white scarf - possibly his school uniform. They open the front door. There is a Christmas tree in the porch. The children stand at the bottom of the steps and Mick talks to the camera. Dora joins them and they all stand on the steps talking.