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YFA 2853



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One in a large collection of family films portraying the Cooper family of Leeds. This particular film comprises images of family orientation during the year 1953. The Cooper family are filmed here in Wharfdale, Bournemouth, Poole and Rugby, and at their family home (Rondor) in Leeds.

'Nanny' and 'Pa' sit in deck chairs with Mick (grandson) on the floor in between them. They are in a garden in Low Fold and this is apparently taken after Nanny's illness.

Wharfdale (Yorkshire Dales): there are fields scattered with farmhouses up on the moors and the River Wharfe runs along the bottom of the valley. The family walk alongside a road up in the moors; Mick wears a black overcoat, grey knee-high socks, red tie and red cap - school uniform? Everyone wears an overcoat, Nanny wears a hat and Pa wears a suit and hat. More countryside is seen and Jill (granddaughter) climbs over a stile.

In Pateley Bridge [Yorkshire Dales - between Nidderdale and Wharfedale] Mick plays on a long metal slide in a park - he is followed by more children doing the same.

The family sit outside Frank Smaile's hotel [Frank Smaile was a famous Yorkshire County Cricketer and ran a small hotel outside Pateley Bridge - possibly called 'The Sportsman's Arms'].

Mick, Jill and their Mum, Dora, talk with family - Geoff and Vera Cooper (aunt and uncle) outside Rondor. Mick performs two somersaults in the garden. Jill is prunes the garden, their Morris Minor (?) is in the background.

Nan is sitting down, apparently on their way to Bournemouth. Jill, Mick and Dora wipe their faces with wet wipes. Pa and Mick pick blackberries along the country lane.

Three men, dressed in red, white and blue, sit on bicycles outside Corfe Castle (Wareham in Dorset) - it is the day of the Queen's coronation. They have various signs on their bikes that read,
"Reserved" "Straight On"
"Running Out. Please Pass" "No Signals; Beer is best High"
"Miss Bournemouth Y.H.A"

A road sign reads, "Welcome to Poole; Dorset."

Mick is on the beach, the words "Bournemouth 1953" appears in the sand. A sandcastle with eleven flags in it - British, English and Australian. Nanny, Pa and Jill are on the beach, the sea is in the background. Pa is in a suit, Nanny wears an overcoat and hat. Mick wears a red and white striped blazer and grey shorts. He plays catch with his mum, (Dora). Bournemouth town is in the background.

The Pester family (family friends) walk past an Esso sign in Bournemouth. They pose in front of a hotel along with the Coopers and Nanny and Pa. [The Cooper's met the Pester family whilst on holiday in Bournemouth. The mother's name was Dorothy Pester, (now Beale)]

Street scene of Poole. It is decorated with banners, signs and flags commemorating the Coronation of the Queen. One sign reads,
"Loyal Greetings to Our Queen ER
Poole White Ensign ASSN."

A picture of the Queen and flags hang over the entrance to Poole's Municipal Buildings. There is a firework display.

"Bournemouth 1953" is written in the sand, then "June" appears above it. Nanny, Pa and their daughter (Dora) sit on deckchairs in front of some beach huts. They have on overcoats, hats (Nanny and Pa) and blankets. Mick walks up to them - he is wearing shorts and a grey jumper. "HMS Indefatigable" is written in the sand and the ship itself is out at sea.

The outside of the Dun Cow Hotel, adorned with flags and banner. In the street, Mick has his feet through the holes of a stockade whilst the family pose around him.

Jill stands at a roadside pointing at an RAC road sign that reads "A426 Rugby." A clock outside the 'Grand Hotel' in Rugby is adorned with red and white banners and a large golden crown. The 'three lions' hang from a street lamp. A policeman directs the traffic on a street in Rugby.

In Rondor Mick, Jill and their mum, Dora, sit in the garden talking. Mick holds a stone duck in his hands. They look at a young rose bush.