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One in a large collection of family films portraying the Cooper family of Leeds. This particular film comprises of images of family orientation during the years 1952 and 1953. The Cooper family are filmed here on holiday at Bournemouth, visiting family in Witley and at their family hom, Rondor, in Leeds.

Mick (son) digs a hole in the sand in Bournemouth. He is at the edge of the sea and the waves come in and fill it. He is attempting to make the hole bigger and scoops the water out. He throws a ball up towards the camera which is on the pier. The ball is thrown back and lands at the edge of the sea. Mick picks it up and throws it again. He walks off carrying his spade.

Jill (daughter) is on the beach with Mick, wearing a flowery white dress and sunglasses and carrying her shoes in her hands. She walks tentatively across the stony beach, talking to Mick and to her father, who is operating the camera. It appears to be windy as Jill's cardigan is being blown off her shoulders.

From onboard a boat in the harbour: the 'Queen Elizabeth' passenger ferry sails past. There are many cars parked along the harbourside. A sail boat, with dinghy, sails past and there are ships and ferries in the background. A small boat passes the 'Queen Elizabeth'. Sailing past the 'Queen Elizabeth': the words "Queen Elizabeth" are written across the top of the boat.

Aunt Ana (Ron's aunt) hugs Mick and Dora (mum) sits next to her, covering herself with her cardigan. They are on a boat, sailing away from the 'Queen Elizabeth' which is in the background along with some other boats. Jill sits on the boat facing away from the wind, her cardigan is wrapped around her shoulders. There are ships and buoys in the background.

A wooden ship in amongst woodland. "The Purbeck Pirate" is written on its side. It is a childrens play area and Mick climbs down some ladders in the middle of the ship and peers out of one of the portholes.

Three young girls and Mick stand at the edge of the sea, eating ice-creams. They are the Jenkins girls, and they and Mick are seated in a row on some stone steps, eating their ice-creams. Mr Jenkins wipes the youngest girl's face. All three girls, Mick and Jill drink from red and white, and green and white striped cartons. They sit in a row on the beach looking at the camera.
[The Coopers met the Jenkins family whilst on holiday in Bournemouth. They were from Wales and had five daughters.]

Mrs Jenkins, Dora, Aunt Ana, Jill and Mr Jenkins sit on deckchairs on the beach. The children sit on the sand, except the youngest who sits on Dora's knee. The girls wave to the camera. Mick and the three girls lay on their backs in the sand with what appear to be unlit cigarettes in their mouths.

Mick crawls in the sand, the waves are covering him. Jill is in the sea, wearing a blue swimming costume. She splashes water at Mick and they play together in the sea, jumping over breakers.

Jill sits on the sand holding a chalkboard on which are written the words "Angela Aged 14 1/2".

Mick does the same - his chalkboard says - "Micky Aged 7".

Rondor, January 1953: Meg / Margaret Naylor (Dora's mum's sister/ great-aunt), Grandpa and Nanny Thomas (Dora's mum and dad) and Mick stand in the backgarden. It is Meg and Nanny's birthday. Jill carries out a cake and lets Meg read it. On the cake, "Happy Birthday Grandma" and "Happy Birthday Aunty" are iced. The cake is decorated with white icing and icing flowers.

Ellen Birch (Dora's father's sister / great-aunt), Ernest Naylor (Meg Naylor's husband), Ben Lawson (husband to Dora's mother's sister - Grace), Pa Thomas (Nan's husband), Dora and Jill file past the camera - in that order. They all pose for the camera in a family group.

A street sign reads - "Milford 2 3/4M; GODALMING; Guildford 4 1/4M".
A road sign reads - "Witley".
A sign reads - "Surey County Council; Witley; Please drive slowly through the village."

Title - "Uncle Jack Mackay and Auntie Maude Mackay at home. Surrey." They stand in front of some bushes. Mick stands next to Maude, he waves to the camera. They were Dora's mother's brother and wife / great-aunt and uncle.

Nanny, Ma Thomas (grandma) and Jill join Jack and Maude. Jill waves at the camera. Nanny and Jack stand in front of an open gate and wave.

Title - "Jimmy Nanny's Pig".
A pig in its sty. Nanny feeds it whilst Mick sits on the wall and watches.

Rondor: there is snow on the ground. Mick walks down the drive. The roof of the house is covered in snow. Mick runs through the snow on the lawn, wearing wellington boots and shorts. Mick and Dora walk down the drive holding hands - Dora is wearing slippers. Mick runs all the way around the garden. In some areas the snow comes up to his knees. Jill walks towards the house; she wears an overcoat and hat and carries a large bag. Jill, Mick and Dora pose outside their front door.

Title - "THE END" - the letters are jumbled and then straighten themselves out to form the words.

Title - "A Rondor Production"