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YFA 2852



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One in a large collection of family films portraying the Cooper family of Leeds. This particular film comprises images of family orientation during the years of 1951 and 1952. The Cooper family are filmed here on holiday in Bournemouth, Scarborough and Windermere Lake. As always, with a lot of the Cooper films, they are also shown at their family home (Rondor) in Leeds.

Norman and Minnie Ashworth [business partner in the Cooper's music business - R.S. Kitchen Ltd. Norman Ashworth was a founder member of Associated Dairies before it became ASDA] walk in London. Vehicles pass them on the road in the background. In a park Norman and Minnie walk amongst the flowers. Shots of the Skylon at the South Bank Exhibition alongside the river Thames [organised to commemorate the Festival of Britain in 1951].

Sara, (Ron's aunt) Nan and Pa Cooper (Ron's mum and dad) and Barney (Nan's dog) are in the garden of Ron and Dora's home in Leeds - named Rondor. The children play on the grass with a Barney, and there is a small bust of Churchill.

Bournemouth, where the children, Mick and Jill, play in the sand, make sandcastles and draw "Mick aged 6" and "Angela aged 13 ?".

Back home in Rondor the family have a new Humber Hawk car with registration number 'OUB 254'.

Now in 1952, the family are at Windermere Lake (Lancashire). The adults watch the children throw stones into the water. Both Nanny and Pa Cooper are present.

Back at Rondor the family are dressed smartly and a small boy is paraded in front of the camera.

Rose Cottage at the bottom of East St in Swinton, near Malton where the family are on holiday. Mick (son) is reading a 'Rupert the Bear' magazine. [Rose Cottage was built by Ron's great-great grandfather and was lived in by the Cooper family, lastly by Christiana Cooper, (Ron's aunt) until 1974. The family holidayed in it just after the war, when money was tight.]

A steam train crosses the fields.
Rough seas in Scarborough and a passing ship out at sea.