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YFA 2870



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One in a large collection of family films portraying the Cooper family of Leeds. This particular film comprises of images of family orientation during the year 1950. The Cooper family are filmed here on their holidays at Southampton, Bournemouth and Weymouth.

Bournemouth city centre at night. Red neon light, one reads "H.Samuel". Lights from cars and buildings.

The Luty family and the Coopers in Southampton. Mick (son), Aunt Ana (Ron's aunt), Dora (mum) and the Luty family wave from a pier. The camera is positioned on a boat which starts to pull away from the pier. There are fishing boats and tankers in the port.
[Fred and Flo Luty were family friends and had a son called Michael.]

The 'Queen Elizabeth' cruise-liner docked in Southampton, filmed from the Coopers' boat. The bow of the boat is shown, looking from the bottom up. The Queen Elizabeth in long shot, the bow and the stern on which is written 'Queen Elizabeth Liverpool'.

Mick plays with a toy boat in the River Bourne. The water is only ankle deep and so there are lots of children playing and paddling in it. It appears to be a man-made river as there are concrete paving slabs, forming a walkway, running alongside. Crowds walk along this walkway. Mick wears grey shorts that have been rolled up, and a blue short-sleeved shirt.

Poole harbour. A seagull sits on a wooden post out in the water. Seagulls in flight with the hills and town in the background. The gullls sweep near the sea looking for fish. Boats are moored in the harbour and quite a way into the distance. There is also a beach and some buildings quite far away.

'The Square' in Bournemouth - a very busy roundabout. Green and cream double-decker buses, trams, cars, lorries, motorcycles and bikes driving round it. The pavements are full of people.

Mick plays in the River Bourne with a toy tanker.

Sea Cadets at Weymouth march through the town. The band passes first, then the boys, then the girls - the letters 'GNTC' stitched on their caps.

Swans on a lake.

The beach at Weymouth, which is very busy. There is a beach hut on the sandsurrounded by people. Another of the huts has the word 'ICES' written on the side and is selling ice-creams. The pier, church and sea-front buildings in the background.

The 'Queen Mary' cruise-liner docked at Southampton, filmed from on board the boat in which the Coopers are sailing. The words 'Queen Mary Liverpool' are written on the stern.

The Coopers stand on the pier with the Luty family ( Fred, Flo and Michael) at Southampton and the harbour in the background. Both families wear overcoats - one of the Luty's wears a turquoise mac. Mick standson his own, wearing a yellow and brown tanktop.

Jill (daughter) and Mick play in the sea. Jill holds Mick's hands as the waves come in - they then lay down on the sand and let the waves wash over them. Jill is on her own in the sea, then Dora (in a blue swimming costume) joins Jill and Mick. She holds Mick's hand and Jill holds the other. They beckon for Ron (dad) to come and join them and he runs and jumps into the sea. They play ring-a-ring-of-roses in the sea.