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One in a large collection of family films portraying the Cooper family of Leeds. This particular film comprises of images of family orientation during the years 1948-1949. The Cooper family are filmed here on holiday in Filey, visiting family and friends and at their family home (Rondor) in Leeds.

B&W: Mick (son) and Jill (daughter) play in the sand on the beach at Filey. Mick wears dungarees and Jill a pinafore dress. They both run to the sea, Mick fills a bucket with sea water, runs back up the beach and empties the water into a hole in the sand. A horse trots along the beach.

Title - "Auntie Ana with Jill and Mick. Filey Aug 1948".
[Aunt Ana was Ron's (father) aunt.]

Mick lies in the sand and Jill makes a sandcastle. Auntie Ana sits on a deckchair next to the bottom of a wall. She is watching the children play in the sand. Mick and Jill run back to the sea.

Dora (mum) walks along the sea front wearing an overcoat. On the beach a nun watches a group of around 15 girls in uniform near the sea edge. The girls paddle in the sea.

Title - "We take a chariot ride"

Mick and Jill sit in the back of a chariot. A young boy stands at the front of the chariot, holding the reins. The horse trots across the sand - at the edge of the sea.

Title - "Uncle Willie paid a visit. August 1948"

Uncle Willie [either William Cooper - Ron's uncle or William Bradshaw - husband of Ron's aunt Rachel] stand in the front garden of Rondor. Mick stands with him. Dora, Jill, Mick and Uncle Willie stand in the garden around a wooden statue of a little girl. Jill has a doll in her hands. Mick kisses the statue. Ron (dad) joins them and moves the statue to the centre of the group. They all wave at the camera - including the doll.
Close-up of Jill's smiling face.

Title - on a chalk board, on an easel, in the garden.
"We visit Billinghay, (Lincoln) October 1948"

Mick rides a green and red tricycle and Jill runs alongside. A little girl, Angela Green, also rides a tricycle and Jill helps her to steer it. Mick, on the tricycle, Jill and Dora along with the Greens [a family who befriended Ron when he was in the R.A.F at Coningsby during the war] stand outside a building. They are on a farm. There are around 20 pigs in a sty. Mrs Nora Green and Angela are in the sty, looking at the pigs. Jill and Mr Charles Green are also there. Mick runs towards the pigs whilst Angela holds Jill's hand. The pigs are fed some slops in round feeding troughs. Mick strokes one of the pigs while it eats.

Title - "Xmas Day 1948"

Mick, wearing a brown beret, brown coat and brown dungarees, holds Dora's hand. Dora wears a long, brown fur coat. Mick and Jill hold hands next to their car. Jill carries a doll - its name is "Princess Elizabeth". The doll wears a wedding dress and veil. The doll stands alone on the ground next to the car.

1949: Mick and Jill play catch with a rubber ball on their driveway outside Rondor. Mick wears a black, long-sleeved t-shirt and red dungarees. Jill wears a woolly hat and gloves and a red overcoat. They throw the ball to each other. They walk down the front doorsteps to their driveway and cross in front of the house, still passing the ball to one another. They hold hands and run from the top to the bottom of the drive and down the road. They stand at the top of the drive with cigarettes in their mouths, pretending to smoke.

Title - "1949 THE HUNT at Beckwithshaw Collingham Creskeld Hall"
[which is now 'Home Farm' in Emmerdale]

Mick sits on Pa Thomas' (grandad) lap while Jill stands at the side of the bench. Nan Thomas (grandma) and a small child also sit on the bench. They all stand beside a car, wearing coats and hats; it appears to be cold.

The huntsmen, mounted on their horses, wait for the off. There are a lot of spectators. A small boy rides a pony. The huntsmen wear black coats - one or two in red - some wear black top hats. The horses go through a river.

Mick, Jill, Pa and Nan Thomas stand near the river having just watched the hunt ride off. People and cars cross a bridge in the background. Jill and Mick walk along a grass track and throw stones in the river.

The hunt rides past and enters a field through an open gate. There are a lot more horses and riders, including younger ones on ponies. Some of the huntsmen wear brown coats.

Three horses and their riders trot down a lane with a pack of about 35 hounds and the rest of the hunt follow behind. There are approximately 30 horses.

The hunt, horses, hounds and spectators congregate on the gardens outside Creskeld Hall. A man walks about with a tray offering drinks. Horses trot past the camera.

Mick shovels sand from a sandpit iinto a small green wheelbarrow in the garden at Rondor.

Title - "Micky aged 4"

Mick stands next to the sandpit and waves, then carries on shovelling sand. He shovels the sand from the wheelbarrow back into the sandpit. vRon joins him and moves the wheelbarrow so that it is closer to the pit. Ron wears Khaki coloured overalls. The initials 'MC' are written on the side of the wheelbarrow.

Title - "Uncle Mac and Auntie Lena 1949"

[Full name - MacQuilkin - they were Ron's uncle and aunt on his mother's side and ran a fish stall in Leeds market.]

Lena holds Mick's hand in the front garden at Rondor. Mick shows them the flowers. They stand outside Rondor.

Title - "Angela aged 11 1/2"

Uncle Mac (Thomas Alexander MacQuilkin), Auntie Lena, Geoff, Frances, Doreen with Jill crouching in front of them. Mick hold's his mum's hand. Auntie Lena sits on a chair in the garden. Mick runs to her and she pulls him onto her lap. Mac and Lena sit together. Uncle Mac and Auntie Lena walk down the driveway. Mick pulls Auntie Lena down the drive so that she has to walk faster.

Wilfred, Margaret, Susan and Stephen Rigg, [neighbours from Crowtrees Park, Rawdon] play in the sandpit at Rondor with Mick and Jill. Mick and Jill try to make a sandcastle with a bucket and spade. Stephen Rigg walks towards the camera, then back to the sandpit and plays in the sand.

A garage with big, white lettering above the door and windows, that reads "HORSFORTH GARAGE LTD" on a green background. 'Good Used Cars' and 'Morris' are written in the windows. Three gentlemen stand outside, talking. A Hamilton (?) Morris Minor parked outside the garage. 'The new Morris Minor' is written in its front windscreen. The two men look at the car and one of them points at the writing. They both get in the car, one sits in the driver's seat and one in the front passenger seat.

Janice and Leslie Cooper, (Ron's brother and his wife) Dora, Jill and Mick walk across a field in Bustion (?). Mick crawls down a mound of grass.

Mick (in red dungarees) stands in front of a large dry-stone wall. Ronald joins him, wearing a grey suit, and they look at some daffodils. Mick stands with Dora while she winds her wrist watch. Dora wears a calf-length grey skirt and a white striped blouse. Ron joins them and messes with his son's ears and hair. Dora and Mick inspect some flowers in the garden.

Mick, Jill, Doreen, Aunt Ana, Geoff Cooper (Ron's younger brother), Vera Cooper (his wife) and two others stand outside the bungalow in Gledhow. Jill holds a dog's lead and the dog, a spaniel, stands in front of them. Ron stands in front of the camera so that nothing can be seen. He then walks towards the group and joins them. The dog jumps up at him and nearly knocks Mick down. Ron picks Mick up and walks towards the camera carrying him.

A wooden toy bird, called a 'Dilly-Dally', appears to drink water from a glas and tilts back and forth, rocking rythmically.

Title - "A Rondor Production" and the words "The End" appear.