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One in a large collection of family films portraying the Cooper family of Leeds. This particular film comprises images of family orientation during the years 1948 and 1949. The Cooper family are filmed here with various family member and friends in Filey, Windermere Lake and Malham Cove, and at their home in Leeds, named Rondor. In this film there is also the Royal visit from Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip to Leeds.

Title - "Bolton Abbey."
Choir boys file out of the Abbey reading and singing from hymn sheets.

The Jones's, Dora (Mum), Mick (son) and Jill (daughter) sit on the grass in front of the River Wharfe. Ron (dad) joins them then walks towards the camera , so that the view is obscured, and turns it off.

Title - "Henry and Renee Jones with Roger"
All three sit on the grass in front of the River Wharfe. They point to something off camera and all turn to look.
[Henry Jones was Jill's teacher at Rawdon Littlemoor School - he and Ron made a film of the school running over a period of about a year and became friends].

Title - "May 29th 1949 Mother and Dad 40th Wedding Anniversary"
Pa and Nan Cooper (gran and grandad) stand in front of the car - an Austin (?) while Mick sits in the driver's seat. Mick, Pa, Dora, Jill and Nan stand at the side of the road and watch bicycles go past. Ron then joins them.

The family appear from behind a bush and walk in a line past the camera. The group pose for the camera and talk. The children throw grass at their father (Ron) who lies on the floor in front of them.

Title - "Malham" (North Yorkshire - Pennines)
Ducks swim under a stone bridge on Malham Beck. Jill and Mick stand on the stone bridge and look down in to the water.

Title - "The Cove"
Jill and Mick play at the bottom of the cliffs at Malham Cove.

Title - "Len and Ivy Baker with Graham and Sparky".
Len, Mick (who is holding the dog's lead), Graham, Ivy, Jill , Dora and Ron all pose for the camera. Graham picks up Sparky (a Jack Russell puppy?). Ivy, Graham, Len and Sparky all pose for the camera - Mick walks off with Sparky, then comes back - the Bakers all call for the dog. Len and Ivy scratch themselves (pretending to be monkeys ?). Sparky wears his leather harness.

Mick runs across the screen nude and kicks a ball. Then Joy, (friend ?) Mick and Jill play in the garden, performing handstands and trying to lift Mick up.

Title - "1949 Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip visit Leeds"
Crowds line the streets and two cars, two police on motorbikes, a third car (marked police with number plate - GUG 1), drtive past. Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip wave to the crowds from the back of the open-topped royal car (HKV 306). Three police cars, three other cars and two motorcycles bring up the rear.

Crowds of people outside the Civic Hall, standing in what is now Millenium Square. Flags hang from buildings, people stand on the roof of the building to the left of the Civic Hall. People also start to clamber on the back of a parked lorry and the procession starts to arrive. People run towards the Civic steps as Elizabeth and Philip start to ascend them - everyone is waving.

Mick and Jill play on the children's ride at a fairground in Roundhay Park. They first ride a motorcycle and side-cart and then are on the top of a double decker-bus. A 'swinging chair' ride - it is possible that Jill is on this.

Title - "Roundhay Park Pool 1949"
Children jump and dive into the pool and play on a slide into the pool. There are spectators in the background.

The Abbots, Gallaghers and Coopers, (Jill, Mick and Dora) sit in front of their Austin (?) car having a picnic in Filey, (North Yorkshire). The children play on the grass on the clifftop. The children do somersaults, as does Ron, everyone laughs.
[the father, Vince Abbot, worked at the Cooper's music business - R.S Kitchen Ltd in Queen Victoria St, Leeds]

The Mac's at Gledhow (North-east Leeds - next to Roundhay Park), Mary (Ron's mother), Mac(Ron's uncle), Sara and Peggy (Ron's aunts). It appears to be windy and so the women hold down their skirts. They all line up for the camera. Each of the women walks into the frame in turn and shakes Mac's hand in greeting.

Title - "Billinghay October 1948" (Lincolnshire)
Mick, Jill and Dora with the extended family.

Ron stands outside an outhouse in the back garden at Rondor. He is dressed in a smart overcoat.

Mick, Jill and Dora in a boat on Windermere Lake (Lancashire) Nanny and Pa Thomas (Dora's mum and dad) sit opposite them. The boat is still moored up. A passenger steam ferry crosses the lake. There are hills in the background. People walk around the lake. The family are still in the boat - Mick pulls out some blue, plastic sunglasses from the pocket of his dungarees and pretends to throw them overboard.