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YFA 2865



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One in a large collection of family films portraying the Cooper family of Leeds. This particular film comprises images of family orientation during the year 1948. The Cooper family are filmed here on their holidays at Whitby and Scarborough, and at the family home (Rondor) in Leeds.

Needle-worked title page - "Whitby Harbour 1948" in red and blue stitching.
Whitby harbour with fishing boats.

Stitched title page - "Holidays August 1948"
Whitby harbour with fishing boats. Buildings across the other side of the harbour.

Jill wears a white swimming costume and plays in the sea with a red bucket. Mick (in blue trunks) joins her.

Title - "Jill aged 10 1/2"
A woman pushes a baby in a pram across the sand. Jill and Mick play on the beach.

Title - "Mick aged 3"
Mick plays in the shallows trying to fill the red bucket. He manages to fill it and runs towards the camera. Jill paddles in the sea. Ron (dad), dressed in a suit with yellow blazer and white loafers, stands with the children. They all walk towards the camera and Ron takes his pipe out of his mouth.

Dora (mum) and Aunt Ana (Ron's aunt) sit on deckchairs , they are wearing in dresses, Aunt Ana wears a hat and has Jill's coat draped over her legs.

Dora plays with Jill. She hold her hand and swings her around. She then talks to Mick, who runs off.

Mick buys an ice-cream from the seller. It reads "Trillo Bro's" on the side of the ice-cream cart. It is a small wooden cart - pulled by a grey horse. The cart stands on the beach, facing the sea. Jill also buys an ice-cream.

Jill is in the sea and her dad runs like a frog into the sea with her, then turns and waves at the camera.

(Stitched) Title - "Scarborough 1948".
Jill wears a blue dress and red overcoat and plays in the sand with Mick, who is wearing blue dungarees and a grey jumper with the hood up. They appear to be digging a moat in the sand.

Title - "JILL and MICKEY" (the letters one-at-a-time).
Jill paddles in the sea with Mick.
Ron, Aunt Ana, Mick and Jill stand with their backs against the railings on the sea-front. It is very windy and Aunt Ana holds her hat on and Jill's coat is flapping around tremendously. Mick plays with a toy car attached to some string. People walk past, battling the wind Dora joins the family group.

Mick, Dora and Jill walk down their driveway at Rondor (Leeds). Their car is in the background, in the garage. They walk across their garden. Jill wears a red dress and grey overcoat, Dora a blue dress, cream hat and long, brown fur coat and Mick wears blue dungarees and grey jumper.

Mick races down the driveway in a blue and red pedal cart.

Mick, Dora, Nan and Pa Thomas (gran and grandad) and extended family. Ron joins them, smoking a cigarette.

Title - "A Rondor Production."