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YFA 5171



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This is a promotional film made by Air Products PLC demonstrating the advantages of their liquid nitrogen food-freezing Cryoquick system.  Among their customers shown using the system are William Wright and Sons Ltd. at their factory at Skelton, and the meat manufacturers Stocksbridge Game. 

Title – Cool Customers

The film begins with a car driving down a country road, filmed from the front of the car.  Men are spread out across a field holding rifles.  Birds appear in the air and they shoot them down.  The film switches to with customers eating at a Wimpy Bar, with the commentator remarking that food can differ in its freshness, and that “the twentieth century consumer is totally divorced from the source.”  He poses the question as to how it can retain its freshness, and one of the answers lies in liquid nitrogen, shown being transported in a tank by lorry.

Then food is shown going along a conveyor belt to be frozen, and then the outside of the Air Products factory.  The commentary gives an explanation of cryogenic food freezing.  At the laboratory they do a test on freezing an item of food.  Then the film moves to Jackson deep freeze in Staven in Holland, where fish is being washed filleted and frozen.  There is an interview with one of the company’s executives, while showing the process of freezing in operation.  Then the film switches to children buying frozen ice lollies from an ice cream van before moving on to a factory on Belgium where ice cream sundaes are being hardened to extend their shelf life.  These are then packaged and dispatched.  Then on to show ice cream production in South Africa, where a tanker delivers liquid nitrogen, and readymade meals are being processed using Cryo-Quick.

(11m 30s – 14m 30s) The film switches to show a bus crossing Lendal Bridge in York, followed by shoppers on the Shambles and in a shop selling sausage rolls made by William Wrights.   Sausage rolls are shown being made at the Wrights factory, and then loaded into one of their vans.  Next stop is Park Cape Bakeries in Oldham where cakes are being made, and following that is the Vale of Evesham where gooseberries are being picked and then frozen in a factory.

The film switches to the company of Stocksbridge Game.  As the manager, John Vernon, is being interviewed, pheasants are being plucked, packed and frozen in liquid nitrogen.  Then to Victor Weaver, in Pennsylvania, where chicken pieces are being processed and dispatched from the factory in lorries.  Next to Glidden Durken, New Jersey, where Hors d'oeuvres are being frozen, before returning to the customers eating in the Wimpy Bar.  The on to Wagemans butchers in Holland who are making hamburgers for Wimpy.  Finally, to Equity Meat Corporation Philadelphia, where managers are interviewed, while showing the making of some of the 2.4 million hamburgers they make each day.

Thanks to customers worldwide for their cooperation in making this film.
An Air Products Film
Produced by Cygnet Films
Technical Advisors John Abbot and Tom Sills
Script; Richard Jeans
Directed by Robert Vince