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This is a film made by Charles Chislett film commissioned by the Parkgate Iron and Steel Co., Rotherham. With the use of intertitles, it shows the whole process of steelmaking at the Rotherham works, from the excavation of iron ore to the distribution of steel coil.

Title - Parkgate Iron and Steel Co Ltd. '11" Continuous Bar Mill'
Photographed and Edited by Charles J. Chislett, ARPS, FRGS

The film begins with a view of the two factories in the distance, with fields in the foreground. The film then switches to the quarry site, where a workman lowers explosive in a metal tube down a hole in the ground to blast a section of the rock face. It then switches again to show the first sod being cut for a new development, followed by showing the completed works.

Intertitle - Steel Supply.

A bar of red hot steel passes through a roller, being gradually decreased in size before being sent along a conveyor belt. Outside an articulated lorry takes a load of bars to another part of the site where they are unloaded by a magnetic crane and stacked up. A man inspects the stacks.

Intertitle - The mill is equipped with two continuous re-heating furnaces which are fired by liquid fuel.

Inside the mill a workman checks various gauges. The bars are transferred onto a conveyor belt where they are again heated.

Intertitle - This is a seventeen stand single strand 11" Continuous Bar Mill'

The bars are again shaped as they pass through the mill, being operated by a man pulling levers. The bars emerge longer and thinner and are placed into rotating holders for cooling. These are then cut and put into bundles. The edges of the strips are sealed.

Intertitle - Coiled bar production

Other bars go through a process of being turned into coiled bars of much thinner steel. These are then cooled, cut to the required length, placed on hooks on a conveyor and taken to a large storage area where they are inspected before being loaded onto lorries.

Intertitle - Electricity services

The film takes a look around the inside of a power plant, with workmen checking various machines.

Intertitle - Roll preparation.

A roller is lowered by two workmen and various features are pointed out. It is slotted into position in the mill, its position being carefully measured. Some of the internal components are shown. Two rollers are inserted into a cradle (stamped 'Brightside') ready for use.

Intertitle - Processing for the cold forging industries. Special quality steels by pickling, drawing and heat treatment of coiled bars.

Coiled bars are lowered into water sprays, producing steam. They are then lowered into steaming vats of chemicals, emerging with a white coat. They then go through another roller and are re-coiled. These are then stacked and placed into a large steel chamber (made by Stein and Atkinson of London).

Intertitle - At every stage in the manufacture of iron and steel there is strict technical control to ensure a sound finished product.

In the laboratories various test are being carried out, including testing the tensile strength of the steel.

Intertitle - Transport, electricity and water are important services in the manufacture of iron and steel

There is a brief look at a locomotive, an electric plant and a cooling tower.

Intertitle - Many departments are engaged on the maintenance of plant and equipment in an iron and steel works.

A long line of workmen are working on lathes and other machinery. Some are putting engines together, others working at a forge. A steel frame is being riveted together. There are other works of precision engineering. Bricklayers re-line a furnace. Draughtsmen are working in an office. Workmen wash their hands in round sinks in the communal changing rooms, and workers eat in the canteen. One worker has a finger bandaged by a nurse in a medical room.

Intertitle - And so the product of iron and steel goes on day and night, no effort being spared to maintain the high standards of quality and finish for which Park Gate is widely known.

There is a replaying of parts of the process previously shown.

Intertitle - And lastly the company pays tribute to employees at all levels for their splendid efforts and co-operation

Other parts of the plant are shown, including the large containers of cooling water on the roofs. The water is then shown sprinkling down. In the rail sidings a diesel shunting locomotive marshals a train of flat wagons. The sign for Parkgate Iron and Steel Co Ltd. is shown above the plant, followed by men working in offices and a woman typing. Then the changing rooms with lockers and showers. A workman washes his hands at a round communal sink, and dries them using an electrical dryer. There is also a first aid room where a man is getting some attention to an eye. A lorry (marked 'ERF') leaves the factory carrying steel coils. The company logo on the lorry, 'PG', is shown in close up.

Closing credits: The Company wishes to express its appreciation to all who have assisted in the making of this film.

The End