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NEFA 19302



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Turners Film Productions footage recording the construction of the Northern Star. An edited section of this footage was used in the Turners film, "Northern Star".

The first shot is an high angle view of Vickers-Armstrong Shipyards at Walker, Newcastle upon Tyne, on the River Tyne. The camera pans across to a construction berth at the yard lined by giant cranes, with a ship in the early stages of construction in 1960.

There is a general view of shipyard workers, welders and riveters pictured beside a construction berth, moving amongst the piles of keel blocks. A group of men, possibly Vickers-Armstrongs and Shaw Savill bosses, stand on a plate laid on keel blocks in a berth. There is a wider shot of the scene looking towards the River Tyne, with a ship near completion in the next berth.

The next sequence is of the construction of the Northern Star. Various shots depict ship plates and parts such as the rudder which is lifted into the construction site by huge cranes, guided by shipwrights directing the operation from the berth. The first stage of the ship’s hull takes shape. We see the legs of a mobile crane moving along the side of the berth. There are further shots of men working on the structure of the hull. An overhead shot records men working inside the hull. Close-ups and general views of the machinery fitted into the ship follow. A general view towards the river shows the ship supported by scaffolding. From ground level, a rail track leads towards the looming bow of the ship, where large ship parts are unloaded from transporter vehicles. A rudder is guided into place. An overhead view records this activity in the shipyard.

The upper decks of the ship take shape. There are dynamic shots of ship parts lifted into place for final stages of construction. The camera pans across the ship deck where the bridge is under construction, with background view across the river landscape. A low angle shot follows of the liner with portholes and decks constructed. A high angle shot pans from slipway at the river’s edge towards the giant hull of the ship with propellers in place. An overhead shot of workers levering cables and the mounds of drag chains for the launch beside the slipway follows. Various shots record the ship in berth nearing completion. There is a general view of some workers walking on tracks leading to the newly constructed Northern Star superstructure in berth.