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YFA 4850



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This is one of three films made of the building and opening of the new Lewis's Store in Leeds between 1930 and 1932.  Lewis’s was the product of industrialist Sir Edwin Airey, and the store in Leeds used his third invention, the Aerodome floor.  The design was much lighter than the floor designed by the structural engineer and resulted in a savings of 4000 tons of steel for the frame of the building as well as the building being completed 20 weeks ahead of schedule. 

Title - Lewis's Yorkshire Store:  from steel construction to finished building, January to September 1930.
Title – Cinematography by Roy S Neil

The film begins with a view over the roof of the new building in construction, showing the steel framework.  A crane moves more sections into place.  There are various views of the construction and the cranes.  Workers are shown on the site, and cars and pedestrians passing by.  There is some film from inside a bucket which is transported on an overhead pulley carrying building materials.  Across the road there is a crowd of men watching.  Workers put up scaffolding around the building and the walls, and this is shown at various stages of construction.  Bricks get transported on the pulley.  This is followed by the roof and the inside of the building.  Some sections arrive by horse and cart.  A large sign outside lists all the companies involved in the building project, with Airey and Son at the top.  From the roof the Schofields store can be seen across the road, and people walking on the streets below as the film comes to an end.