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YFA 1887



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Made in the style of a thriller, but without any dialogue, this is a short film about an attempted murder that may, or may not, have gone disastrously wrong.

'Leeds Cine Club Presents'

The film opens with a balding man shaving and listening to the radio. His wife is in the kitchen. It is 7.30, and elsewhere at the same time another man is working on a battery-operated device inside a suitcase. He is also listening to the radio which has a news item on the trial of two men accused of the Mayfair bombing attempt. He shuts the suitcase. In the other house, the balding man waves to his young son as he leaves home.

Title: 'Connections' Directed by D. Morton

Outside Leeds Railway Station, a car pulls up, and while being filmed by a camera crew, two men get out and go into the Station. They are followed by the man with the suitcase. A woman is waiting at the entrance and greets the balding man with a hug when he arrives. The man with the suitcase gets on the same train as the first two men and sits down opposite them. The balding man and woman go to get onto the same train, allowing another woman passenger to go in before them. As she makes her way along the corridor, the woman passenger accidently drops her bag spilling some of the contents. In the commotion the man with the suitcase swaps his suitcase with an identical one belonging to one of the first two men, and then walks off. The balding man, who also has identical suitcase, sits down with the woman across the isle. The train pulls off, and the man with the suitcase resumes his seat opposite the first two men while keeping an eye on them. There is another commotion in the carriage causing the suitcases of the balding and of the first man to get mixed up. There are two women passengers nearby and a boy playing. The two first men leave the carriage taking with them one of the suitcases, and as the balding man opens his case the film comes to an end.

The End