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Made as part of the Yorkshire Media Consortium project, this documentary follows individuals connected by their interests in new technology and ways of using it.

Title-One to One Productions

The film opens with a shot of a man; the interviewer asks him if he uses the internet and he says `what is that?' This is followed immediately by graphics of html.


A camper van is parked in a field with belongings all around it; there is a brief shot of chickens. Two small girls are in a tent and one of them is singing.


The father of the children is at a laptop in the van and is trying to charge his computer from the battery in the engine.


The mother of the children is sitting in the candlelit van beside Matt and talking about the technology that they have started to use in order to record any abuse that they receive from farmers. She holds up footage that they took of farmers.

The next shots are of a web artist who talks about how great it is to be able to share things on the internet and that in the next few years, thing will get easier and better.

Title-More than 15 million people aged 5 and above are connected to the internet in mainland China.

The web artist talks a bit more about the future of the internet; there are shots of him working on his computer.

The interviewer asks a woman at a food stand if she uses the internet and the woman replies `no'.

In the next scene a middle-aged woman is gardening. She describes herself and her problems and says that she has created a website to offer women advice and help on various matters.

Title-The online population of women is growing at a faster pace than the online population as a whole.

There is a brief jump in the footage.

The interviewer asks a man if he uses the internet and he replied `no'.

Title-A quarter of all video games produced are considered appropriate only for age 13 and over.

There is a shot of a guy playing a shooting computer game; he talks about how he could make a better game if he knew the programmes. Then a musician talks about a website that a friend created for their band and how is enables people all over the world to hear their music.

Title-Digital music distribution may be helping to increase the amount of music being sold.

The musician then talks about the ability to purchase things online but the potential security fears that people have.

Title-British consumers are more likely than any other including those in the United States, to buy their groceries online.

Title-There are currently more than 11.5 million home internet users in the U.K

The interviewer asks another man if her uses the internet and he replies that he does.

A woman talks about filming dance projects and putting them onto the net for people to view; she thinks it's a great tool and that with better technology more footage will be able to go online.

Title-The majority of women who use the internet are aged between 35 and 44.

Shots of a group of teenagers gathered around a computer

Title-In the final round of Big Brother 6,954,662 votes were cast.

They discuss who they think will win Big Brother.

Title-Craig won Big Brother by a margin of 124,704 votes.

Title-70 Per cent of internet users under the age of 24 use chat rooms frequently.

Title-77 million under 18s are expected to be online globally by 2005.

Title- Most teenagers and young adults are unlikely to arrange a face-to-face meeting with someone they met online.

They talk with people who say that they use the internet to stay in contact with people in other countries.

Title-Up to a quarter of young female internet users say they have felt frightened or upset by things said to them during chat room sessions.

Young woman talks about her online experiences.

Title-Thanks to everyone who helped and contributed in the making of this programme.

Title-Production Team

Title-Street interviews-Tom Way and Turlough

Title-Production Team

Camera, producer and director-Judi Alston

Title-Funded by the National Lottery

Title-Made as part of the A4E Contemporary Video Collection for Yorkshire Media Consortium