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YFA 768



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This film is part of the Sharp collection and consists of footage from an event that takes place in Bradford to celebrate the confirming of privileges to Field Marshal Lord Milne.

Title- Conferment of Privileges on The 70th (West Riding) Field Regiment Royal Artillery (T.A.) and the West Yorkshire Regiment.

Title-A record of a great event, Alderman Cecil Barnett, J. P, Lord Mayor, 5th September 1945

Title-Special guests-Field Marshal Lord Milne, G.C.B., G.C.M.G, D.S.O, D.C.L., LL.D, the Master Gunner, St. James's Park.

Title-Field Marshall Sir Cyril Deverell G.C.B., K.B.E, Colonel OF THE West Yorkshire Regiment.

The film opens with shots of a crowd lining the streets in the centre of Bradford and being held back by soldiers. There is a red carpet and a microphone set up on the opposite side of the road in front of the camera. A gun on a trailer is being pulled along by an armoured car, and a mounted policeman rides along the side of the road behind the gun. Two marching bands are followed by a group of soldiers marching in formation along past Bradford Town Hall. In the next shot they have stopped in front of the Town Hall which has some red carpet laid out; they get into another formation facing the crowd. Then the army marching band march along again followed by large group of soldiers marching in rows carrying their guns.

There is a shot of the VIP stand with the Lord Mayor and the crowd of dignitaries.

Title-The Town Clerk reads the Scrolls.

A man with a judge's wig steps forward and reads from a scroll.

Title-Lord Milne accepts the Scroll as Colonel Commandant of the Royal Artillery.

Lord Milne signs the scroll and makes a speech.

The soldiers who have lined up in formation are carrying out a gun salute.

Title-Sir Cyril Deverell, as Colonel of the West Yorkshire Regiment receives the Scroll.

He stands beside the Mayor and signs the scroll and then there is a brief shot of the Lord Mayor and the crowd of dignitaries walking from their stand across the street. Then there is a close-up of the Lord Mayor talking to his assistants and the Colonels.

Title-The march past. Lord Milne takes the salute.

The Lord Mayor and Lord Milne stand at the side of the road as soldiers, marching bands and men in suits walk past saluting him.

Title-The scrolls are handed to the Provost for safe keeping.

The Colonels hand the scrolls to the priest who hands one to another man and keeps one for himself. There is a brief close-up shot of the two scrolls.

The next scene contains footage from a dance that is being held at Cartwright Hall near Lister Park in Bradford. Local dignitaries and their wives arrive in evening dress and are greeted by the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress. Then there are shots of the some of the guests, including the Lord Mayor, sitting at a table having coffee and smoking.

Back in the centre of Bradford, a Thanksgiving service is being held at the Cathedral and is attended by members of the clergy, local dignitaries, and regiments. There is a brief shot of a leaflet which reads `Service of Thanksgiving' and this cuts to the crowds of people filing into the Cathedral. The film closes with another procession of the regiments through Bradford to the Town Hall.

Another marching band and soldiers march along the main street and salute Lord Milne and the Mayor. This is followed by several more bands, retired army officers in suits, and a youth army group and then a panning shot of the stand with all of the dignitaries.