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YFA 1487



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This film tells the story of an ex con who is trying to get back into jail. However, he becomes a reformed man only to, ironically, end up back in prison for a crime he didn't commit.

Title: 'Leeds Cine Club presents . . .

The film opens with a view of Armley Prison Leeds, and the narrator tells the story, in verse, of Joe, an ex con and an 'old lag', as we see him leaving the prison, vowing to return to his cosy cell.


Looking down Joe thinks of ways to get back into the nick. Seeing a jewellery shop on the other side of the street, Joe picks up a brick and throws it at the shop window only for the brick to hit vicar as he passes walks past. Joe runs off until he comes to a park where he goes to steal a bag from a woman who is asleep on a bench. The vicar appears and takes the blame. Again, the man runs off. He then goes to steal off a supposedly blind man begging in the street, with a board declaring 'ex Grunwick picket'. But as he does so, the man trips him up with his white cane.

Later, walking down a street and feeling hungry, he takes an apple from outside a grocers, only for the vicar to appear again and reprimand him. As he does so, the shopkeeper comes out and, seeing the vicar holding the apple, reprimands him. He then gives his last coin to a boy collecting in the street. On finding a 50p piece, Joe goes back to the vicar to show it to him, and off they go together whilst the shopkeeper replaces the half eaten apple. Joe takes the vicar off to the pub, and he eventually becomes a reformed man.

Later on the two of them, Joe now wearing a vicar's attire, stand in the street collecting when two robbers from a bank accidently run into them. They knock the men down, leaving their bag of loot. As he gathers himself he looks up to see a plainclothes policeman standing over him. Next up he is in court and back in prison.

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Cast: B. Wilson, T. Pursey, A. Abbott, D. Lythe, D. Briggs, C. Edwards, S. Lythe
Written by: A. Abbott Narrated by: D. Ward Camera: C. Edwards